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[SOLVED] Impact to change dba.admin password

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  • [SOLVED] Impact to change dba.admin password

    I see a posting to changing glog owner was done several years ago so not sure how much this has changed.

    I want to change all of my planning, rates, and settlement domains' *.admin passwords from the out of the box password of CHANGEME to something else for security reasons.
    What is the impact on changing the dba.admin password and what else do I need to be aware of; i.e. glog properties, upgrades, patches, etc? I am not changing glogowner, guest, or servprov domains since we don't use the last two.

    Thanks, Henry

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    Re: Impact to change dba.admin password

    You should be able to do this no problem...

    This is just the application logins, not the DB passwords.

    We have taken this one step further too. We have change all the ADMIN passwords, but do not let anyone use them. It gives people anonymity, which is not good when something goes wrong.

    Need to test all of this first through, but it should be fine.
    James Foran
    Toll Global Information Services


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      Re: Impact to change dba.admin password


      It does appear to be fairly straight forward. Note 417603.1 Are there any effects in changing the OTM Database passwords for the GLOGOWNER and GLOGBA users? reads the following:

      Yes to both. Just make sure that the new GLOGDBA password is put into the file.
      Changing the GLOGOWNER password will have no effect on the operation on OTM. The only effect is that the DBA will need to type in the new password when applying CUs.
      Change the GLOGDBA password will effect all of the connections to the DB that the OTM app creates.
      To make sure that OTM is still able to create DB connections please remember to set the:
      glog.database.password property in the in all of the servers. (Integration,Web and application servers)

      Based on this, I can change all the domains including dba.admin's password and then change the setting in the files so as to not interrupt connections and that's it?

      Thank you for your feedback.


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        Re: Impact to change dba.admin password


        The GLOGOWNER and GLOGDBA users are Oracle DB users that OTM uses to connect the App server to the DB server. These are different than the users that you login to OTM with (GUEST.ADMIN, DBA.ADMIN, DOMAIN.ADMIN, etc).

        You can change the DBA.ADMIN password without consequence -- just so long as you don't forget the password You won't need to worry about updating the file.



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          Re: Impact to change dba.admin password

          Perfect. Thank you. Henry