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VPD Profiles on your own domain

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  • VPD Profiles on your own domain

    Has anyone resolve this error?

    "You can only operate VPD Profiles on your own domain"

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    Re: VPD Profiles on your own domain

    What were you doing to cause the error? Are you trying to select a VPD Profile off the drop-down list and edit it?

    (That's what I just tried in order to try to see how you were getting that message, and indeed got the error you mentioned).

    This is going to sound obvious but if you are getting this message via the steps I mentioned above, then it is because you are trying to edit the VPD Profile from a different domain to the domain that the VPD Profile was created in - you need to be in the same domain.
    (I'm not sure off the top of my head whether you can use domain grants on VPD Profiles in order to edit them from a different domain).


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      Re: VPD Profiles on your own domain

      I got similiar error signing on as DBA.xxxxx with Admin rigths and editing profiles in the public domain. Found out that you need to sign in with DBA.ADMIN which has super Admin rights.

      We are in the middle of trying to load OTM55 a second time so I can't get on and give more specifics than that is what we tried and it worked.