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[SOLVED] Checking Server Usage outside of Event Diagnostics

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  • [SOLVED] Checking Server Usage outside of Event Diagnostics

    Good there any way of checking what processes are running on the OTM servers aside from the Event Diagnostic servlet? Usually the ED will give a good understanding of what the servers are working on at any given time but sometimes we experience some slowness because someone tries to run a complex report.

    Of course, the easy answer is to simplify the reports or create mviews for them (which we have done a lot of) but in some scenarios, that is not possible. And in the meantime, we would like to know if there is somewhere we can check to see if a report is causing slowness.

    We have network monitoring tools that show us that the network is not the cause of slowness. We check the ED and see nothing in backlog. But that's about it and if someone is running a complex report, the only way to check is to go to each person to see if that is the case. We have limited this to minimal occurrences, but sometimes it does happen and we would like to see this in some kind of diagnostic window if there is one available.



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    Re: Checking Server Usage outside of Event Diagnostics

    You can check what reports are running by going into the View Scheduled Jobs link under Business Process Automation --> Reports. You then need to change the view from the drop down list.

    Thread dumps from the application server should also show RWServer processes when you experience an issue with reports.
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      Re: Checking Server Usage outside of Event Diagnostics

      This is what I need - thanks!