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How do we cancel Recurring Processes

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  • How do we cancel Recurring Processes

    We are currently on CU5/RU5 and we have a ton of recurring processes that need to be adjusted/cancelled. According to the online documentation, the 'Recurring Processes' screen should open in an Edit/Delete mode. However, we aren't getting those options in the 'Recurring Processes' screen.
    I tried using the dba.admin user as well as the user that launched these processes initially without any success?
    Is there something that I am missing? Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: How do we cancel Recurring Processes

    The recurring process screen seems a little buggy - When I search for a particular process, it does not allow me to select and edit those processes.

    But if I exit out of the screen, and go back in and do a search (without any parameters), the radio buttons are visible, and I am able to select the process and edit and/or delete it.


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      Re: How do we cancel Recurring Processes

      I managed to figure this out. We do see the radio buttons and the only option we see is 'Finish'. This is inconsistent with the other screens where you get edit/delete/new etc options. So on this screen, I guess we have to pick a schedule and then click Finish which in turn opens up another screen where we can delete it.