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Identifying menus tied to GL_USER_ID

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  • Identifying menus tied to GL_USER_ID

    Does anyone know how I can identify through query/sql which users
    are assigned menus through via a user level and which users are not.

    I query GL_USER and find users assigned to a specific user_level but when I use the UI manager user levels i find
    1) some users assigned don't show a menu assigned (so I assume it's tied to the user level they are assigned to)
    2) some users do have a menu assigned (so I am assuming, when I see a menu assinged to a specific user id, that we are overriding the what the user level says).

    Am I thinking right to begin with?
    My goal is to identify those ids with menu overrides and so that they are using the menus assigned to the user level that the user id is associated with.

    Tried joining user_access with user_menu_access with strange and confusion results.
    Any thoughts are much appreciated.