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OTM SIG call on DST 3/1 (Thursday @ 11:00 am est)

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  • OTM SIG call on DST 3/1 (Thursday @ 11:00 am est)

    Dear OTM SIG Members,

    Oracle will be conducting a special call for OTM SIG members to discuss DST and the impact on OTM. Call in details are below. If you have specific questions, please send them to me before the close of business today - Feb 28th.

    Call Details:
    Date: Thursday, March 1, 11:00am EST
    Dial-in: 1-888-967-2253
    Meeting ID/Passcode: 770701
    To be discussed:
    • High level explanation of what has happened as detailed in the Metalink note to set the stage.
    • Restate all versions and SR's that will be effected.
    • High level explanation of how the timezone property setting work normally. Is this just for storing information in the database, or is it also for presenting data to the screens/stylesheets.
    • Is there a way to fix dates that may have been established and the property changes have not been made? (For example an end date was set for March 15th @ 4:00pm est)
    • Explain why the database upgrade to is necessary (OTM/GC3 v4.5 and earlier). What are the ramifications if it is not done?
    • Will the times have to be modified in the fall?
    Day Light Savings Time Note in Metalink 396225.1

    Please review note 396225.1 in Metalink for important information regarding the changes to DST and the impact on OTM.

    Beth A. McLamb