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OTM SIG APAC Call 26/09/2008 12.00 pm (SIN) (GMT+8)

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  • OTM SIG APAC Call 26/09/2008 12.00 pm (SIN) (GMT+8)

    Hi everyone,

    Good day! This is to inform everyone of the upcoming OTM SIG APAC call on 26/09 at 12:00 noon.

    I will be posting the call topics and details soon so watch this space!

    Best Regards,

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    Re: OTM SIG APAC Call 26/09/2008 12.00 pm (SIN) (GMT+

    Hi everyone,

    Good day! This quarter's APAC OTM SIG call is confirmed on 26/09/2008 at 12:00pm (SIN) (GMT+0800 hrs).

    Due to logistical reasons, there will only be an audio conference (there will not be a web conference as per previous calls) for this quarter's call.

    Attached is the call agenda and details. See you all on the call!

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      Re: OTM SIG APAC Call 26/09/2008 12.00 pm (SIN) (GMT+


      Just posting out the agenda within the thread, so that search engines can pick it up (they can't see attachments). Hopefully this will get you a couple new people on the call


      Dear OTM SIG Members,

      Below is the agenda for the upcoming APAC OTM SIG Functional Focus Conference Call.

      Please kindly note that all OTM user are welcome to dial in during the APAC call (12am Eastern).

      Please feel free to contact any member of the board if there are topics you would like to see covered in future calls. As a courtesy to all participants, please insure that your phone has been put on "mute" during the call.


      Oracle Transportation Management
      Special Interest Group Users Group
      Functional Focus

      APAC Call
      Friday, Sept 26, 2008
      12:00pm - 1:00pm (GMT + 8 )

      ·OTM User Conference Update
      ·OTM 5.5 Wireless – How and Whys

      Conference Call Information

      Call in numbers are valid for both call times
      Conference ID: 649473
      Password: 649473
      From the AMER region dial:
      From the APAC region dial:
      ·1800 222 712 (Australia toll-free)
      ·800 9491 2777
      ·61 2 8817 6100
      From the EMEA region dial:
      ·44 118 924 9000

      There will be no announcements as people join/leave the call


      There will not be a web conference for this call.


      Ian Lo, Schenker Asia Pacific

      Discussion Topics -
      ·OTM SIG User's Conference
      • Conference presentations
      • Next year’s participation and topic ideas

      ·OTM 5.5 Wireless – How and Whys
      Please note that this is not a technical presentation
      • Features
      • How and When to use
      Online Member Registration - If you have not registered yet, please do so as soon as possible.
      Please note - you do not have to be a member of OAUG to participate in the SIG.
      ************************************************** ******************************************

      Issues and Next Steps

      ·OTM SIG Annual Conference 2009 - June 21-24. Philadelphia, PA (Doubletree)
      ·Earlybird Registration: $695
      ·Regular Registration: $750
      OTM SIG Board


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        Re: OTM SIG APAC Call 26/09/2008 12.00 pm (SIN) (GMT+

        Dear all,

        Firstly, I apologise for not being able to host the call as there were some technical difficulties which prevented me from hosting it out of APAC.

        For those who set aside time for this call and was not able to come in, my sincere apologies.

        The main takeaway information to be covered in this call is as follows:

        1) OTM SIG User Conference 2008 was a great success and many people benefited from it. The next conference will be held again in Philadelphia, PA. Please find the SIG User Conference details below:

        · OTM SIG Annual Conference 2009 - June 21-24. Philadelphia, PA (Doubletree)
        · Earlybird Registration: $695
        · Regular Registration: $750

        2) We are looking forward for more APAC SIG users to join us in next years conference so as to share more about OTM in the Far East.

        3) OTM 5.5 has a built in wireless event update capabilities. However, the use of this capability remains rudimentary in this current release (5.5). You can find out about the investigations into this functionality in the attached powerpoint slides.

        Again my apologies for this mess up and we will sort out the issues by the next APAC call.

        Thanks and Best Regards,