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OTM SIG Functional call (US) on 3/10/09 (Tuesday @ 11:00 am EST)

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  • OTM SIG Functional call (US) on 3/10/09 (Tuesday @ 11:00 am EST)

    Discussion Topics -
    • OTM 6.0 Overview, Steve Harris
    Learn about an important new OTM component: Oracle Fleet Management
    As well as additional functional components coming in 6.0
    • User Conference Info and Sneak Preview
    Details about the conference: draft agenda, keynote speaker, logistics, Q&A
    Two presenters will provide a brief overview of the presentations they are preparing
    for the conference
    Presentation #1: Customizing OTM Screens by Caleb Warner of Baillie Lumber
    Learn about how to use the many tools available to you in OTM to customize your end
    users environment. From modifying Menu Managers, to changing the actions available
    on a screenset.
    Presentation 2: Is Your Platform Limiting Your Performance? By Chris Plough of Mavenwire
    Learn how factors such as hardware architecture, operating system, Java JVM and
    application server can either enhance or limit OTM's performance and scalability.
    • Closing
    Registration is now open: OTM SIG User's Conference 2009 Philadelphia, PA, June 21-
    24th. To register, please visit:

    Introduction to OTM SIG new board member, Paul Bage; Europe Seat

    Please note - you do not have to be a member of OAUG to participate in the SIG
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