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OTM SIG Technical call (US) on 6/09/09 (Tuesday @ 11:00 am EST)

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  • OTM SIG Technical call (US) on 6/09/09 (Tuesday @ 11:00 am EST)

    Dear OTM SIG Members,

    Below is the agenda for the upcoming OTM SIG Technical Focus Conference Call.
    Please kindly note that all OTM user are welcome to dial in during the call (11:00 am EST).

    Please feel free to contact any member of the board if there are topics you would like to see covered in future calls. As a courtesy to all participants, please insure that your phone has been put on "mute" during the call.



    Oracle Transportation Management
    Special Interest Group Users Group
    Functional Focus


    US / Europe Call
    Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 11:00am - 12:00 EST
    • OTM User Conference Update
    • Presentation: Building an Extensible Automated Vehicle Locator Solution based on Industry Standard Technology by Spatial Business Systems, Inc.
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    Conference Call Information
    1-888-583-1347 (Toll Free) or
    1-334-323-3437 (International Toll)
    800-1234-2222 (International Toll-Free UIFN)
    (Note: More international toll-free numbers will be available for future calls.)

    Meeting Number: *8687555* (preceded and followed by the * key)
    There will be no announcements as people join/leave the call

    Web Access to the Presentation: Go to and click in the
    bottom right hand corner on Participant to join the conference. You will be
    prompted for the Meeting Number (8687555)


    Chris Plough, MavenWire

    Guest Speakers:
    Michael Chambliss, Spatial Business Systems, Inc.

    • OTM SIG community update
    • Presentation: An Extensible Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) Solution Based on Industry Standard Technology
      • This presentation will highlight the financial, functional, and technical drivers behind the development of a standards based and extensible AVL solution. Supporting technology, including Oracle Spatial, Google Maps, and the Google Web Toolkit as well as several hardware devices and wireless carrier options will be discussed from both functional and technical aspects. Plenty of time will be reserved for questions on the technology, lessons learned, and various “what if” business scenarios.
      • This presentation will be of interest to those that:
        • Are looking for alternatives to the “black box”, subscription based AVL services for extensibility and reduced costs
        • Want to learn about how the Oracle technology stack can be extended to support Automated Vehicle Location
        • Want to learn more about Oracle Spatial and its growing role in the enterprise
        • Want to learn about the benefits of using Google Maps and the Google Web toolkit in custom solutions
        • Do not use AVL, or only uses it in a limited fashion and wants to learn more about this technology

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    Online Member Registration - If you have not registered yet, please do so as soon as possible. OTM SIG - OAUG - Oracle OTM / G-Log GC3 User Group
    Please note - you do not have to be a member of OAUG to participate in the SIG.