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OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

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  • OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations


    First, "Thank You!" to everyone who attended and participated in the conference and made our third annual conference a success! Can you believe we've been doing this for three years now?

    Now that the conference is over and life has returned to (somewhat) normal, I've attached an archive of the presentations from the OTM SIG User Conference 2009.

    Should you find the information helpful or use it in any way, please give credit to those who originally created/presented them.

    To kick things off - here's the final, full agenda for the OTM SIG User Conference 2009:

    Download: Full Agenda _FINAL_.pdf


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    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

    Title: OTM Development Update

    Speaker: Jim Mooney VP, Logistics Development – Oracle

    This presentation will provide a high level overview of the use and capabilities of OTM in a high availability and scalable environment.

    Topics to be covered include:
    • Background of OTM and Scalability / Failover
    • Capabilities of OTM in a Scalable Environment
    • Examples of common scenarios
    • Client Examples of OTM SCA in action

    Download: Mooney, Jim - OTM SIG 2009 Development Update.pdf


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      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

      Title: 6.0 Update

      Speaker: Derek Gittoes, VP Logistics Product Strategy – Oracle

      This presentation will describe the major themes and specific focus
      areas for OTM’s 6.0 solution.

      Product areas covered include:
      • Fleet Management
      • Global Trade Management
      • Shipment Planning & Execution
      • Business Intelligence
      • Transportation Sourcing
      • Financial Settlement
      • Integrations
      • User Experience

      Download: Gittoes, Derek - OTM 6 0 Overview.pdf


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        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

        Title: Fellowes Use of 3D Load Configurator and Rainbow Pallet Functionality

        Type: Business Value

        Speaker: Pam Vivio, Consulting Technical Manager – Oracle Consulting & Patricia Naughton, Manager, Transportation and Fulfillment - Fellowes

        This presentation will provide an overview on the OTM Load Configurator and Rainbow Pallet solution that was implemented at Fellowes. This presentation will include:
        • Background information about Fellowes
        • Why did Fellowes select OTM?
        • Details on the business issue (i.e. pallet stackability requirements)
        • Overview on the OTM solution
        • Benefits achieved by implementing the OTM solution (i.e. increased container optimization)

        Download: Naughton & Vivio - FellowesLoadConfigRainbowPallet (AM) (2).pdf


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          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

          Title: Integrating OTM into an E-Business Suite Environment using Oracle Fusion

          Type: Functional

          Speaker: Jeff Leidy, Manager & Ravi Kutty – ACCO

          Come hear how we successfully integrated Oracle Transportation Management into an existing E-Business Suite environment using Oracle Fusion BPEL flows. Session will provide a broad overview of integration points, project challenges and "lessons learned" along the way.

          If you are contemplating integration challenges in this space, you're not alone. Transportation Management (G-Log) is a stand-alone application and must appear to integrate seamlessly to your users. From business requirements to interface mapping, there is so much to consider! [Hear how we did this and learn from our experience.]

          Download: Leidy & Kutty - OTM in EBS Environment.pdf


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            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

            Title: Guerrilla Branding or, XSL in OTM: Customizing Transmissions and Screens

            Type: Technical

            Speaker: Clay Combs, Sr. Consultant - Tsol

            So, you’ve configured OTM for planning, optimization, and settlement—what about look-and-feel? You want to give your customers—internal as well as external—a system that extends your brand, with your logos and colors. In addition, you’d like to help users grasp OTM more quickly and easily by streamlining a few screens. The catch? Much of what you need to do can’t be done from the user interface. You will have to become an XSL developer: a branding guerrilla.

            During this presentation, we will explore the role of XSL stylesheets in formatting XML for outbound transmissions and screens. We will begin with modifications to the email tender, via a discussion of the Stylesheet Profile object. Then we will progress to screen modifications with an exploration of the Stylesheet Location User Preference, the system construct that makes it possible to assign specific screen stylesheets (read: custom screens) to a portion of your users.

            We will conclude with a discussion of best practices for implementing such changes.

            Download: Combs, Clay - Guerilla Branding 2009.pdf


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              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

              Invited Speaker

              Title: Transportation Trends: What a Difference a Year Makes

              Speaker: Dwight Klappich, VP of Research, Gartner

              Gartner analyst Dwight Klappich will examine rapidly changing trends in transportation and logistics. Just a year ago, the primary driver for using TMS was to mitigate the affects of high and increasingly volatile fuel costs. Now, the key motivators are more diverse and include reducing total freight costs, maximizing asset productivity for fleet operators, increasing visibility across the virtual supply chain and exploiting transportation as part of a comprehensive supply chain management strategy. Hear what new trends are on the horizon.

              Note: This presentation is not available.


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                Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

                Title: Fleet Update

                Type: Functional

                Speaker: Srini Rajagopal, Director, Logistics Product Strategy - Oracle

                In this session you will learn about Oracle’s broader strategy for Fleet Management and highlights of the functionality being introduced in this area. With Oracle Fleet Management, Oracle will deliver the first single-platform solution for both shipment logistics and asset logistics. Built on enterprise-ready, web-native, SOA-enabled architecture leveraging Oracle Fusion Middleware, the solution provides support
                for all aspects of managing resources associated with a fleet (such as drivers, power-units and equipment) including:
                • Asset lifecycle management
                • Fleet resource usage and management
                • Dispatch
                • Real-time monitoring and tracking
                • Settlement of fleet associated costs
                • Driver HR

                Download: Rajagopal, Srini - Oracle Fleet Management.pdf


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                  Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

                  Title: Implementing OTM Outside the US – Similarities, Differences, Issues and Lessons Learned

                  Type: Functional

                  Speaker: Erik Markeset, Principal – Tsol

                  No TMS application on the market today is as adaptable as OTM for international scenarios. However that does not mean that implementing OTM outside the US (where it was originally designed) is easy. Today, OTM is being implemented successfully in countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The purpose of this panel discussion is to highlight some of the similarities, differences, issues, and lessons learned form those implementations. Some of those revolve around topics such as: Language – How good are the translations? What adjustments need to be made to screens? How does the same language vary across countries? Support – How are users outside the US obtaining application support? Settlements / taxes – How well does OTM manage different tax scenarios Distances – What are options for obtaining, calculating, loading distances? Rates – Probably the most complex issue. How different are they and can they be represented in OTM? Are there rate modeling tools? How do we define rate distance outside the US? What RateWare exists outside the US? This topic is likely of interest to multinational companies that have implemented OTM in the US and are exploring the possibility of implementing it in non-US operations.

                  Download: Markeset, Erik - Implementing OTM Outside the US_v13.pdf


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                    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

                    Title: The Right Collaboration: Leveraging Outsourcing Services to Focus on Core Competencies

                    Type: Business

                    Speaker: Terrell Brown, Director of Solution Delivery – Exel, Inc.

                    As a company using the OTM product, it is often difficult to find the right approach to implement, provide on-going support to your users, as well as continuous improvement of your solution while focusing on your core competency as a Logistics Provider.

                    Resources with in depth OTM knowledge both functionally and technically are not easy to find. When a company decides to employ these resources full time, there is always the risk of turnover. When you decide to outsource to consultants, there is the risk of the resources not truly having the knowledge and experience needed to meet the requirements, and there is typically a higher cost to pay. Finding the balance between these two options is where we have found the best value for our program.

                    There are pros and cons to each approach and we have experienced most of them. The first challenge is finding the right resource with the needed knowledge and experience. OTM being a complex application with many optional components to configure, resources often only have limited knowledge based on past experiences. We’ve found that developing resources internally while leveraging external resources for some functions has allowed us to provide quality solutions to our customers, improve support of our users and provides the opportunity to flex staffing levels to meet peaks and valleys of demand.

                    Over the past 8 years Exel has tried multiple approaches to implement and support our OTM Transportation Management program. In this presentation we will show the pros and cons to each method and talk further on the methods that allowed us to work most efficiently. The various options include

                    1. An implementation team and support team with internal resources and external consultants
                    2. An implementation team and support team with all internal resources
                    3. An implementation team with all internal resources and a support team with all external offshore resources
                    4. An implementation team with all internal resources and a support team with combined internal and external resources (MavenWire)

                    In conclusion this presentation will provide the audience with an overview of methods for implementing and supporting the OTM application while looking at how outsourcing services can assist with reducing risk, providing flexible staffing options while maintaining base support cost level while allowing businesses to focus on core competencies.

                    Download: Brown & Levin - Right Collaboration.pdf


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                      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

                      Sponsor Fast Track

                      Type: Gold Sponsor Presentations


                      Note: These presentations haven't been shared, but I wanted to give these Gold Sponsors their due credit. Thanks guys!


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                        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

                        Title: Upgrade Nirvana - Oracle Consulting

                        Type: Platinum Sponsor Presentation

                        Speakers: Bob Hart, OTM Practice Director & Eric Rosenbloom, Solution Architect – Oracle Consulting

                        Strategies for Version 6.0 Upgrade Success

                        Consulting | Consultant Services | Oracle

                        Download: Upgrade_Nirvana - Oracle Consulting.pdf


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                          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

                          Title: Leveraging OTM Sourcing to Streamline Carrier Bid Process

                          Type: Functional

                          Speaker: Samuel Levin, Co-Founder, Director of Consulting – MavenWire & Gregg Lanyard , Principal Product Strategy Manager – Oracle

                          In this economy working with carriers to get the best rates available can be a challenge. Gathering the data to do a proper carrier bid can be a tedious process unless you have the proper information made available to you. Leveraging OTM’s Sourcing tool allows you to extract lane data, determine what carriers you want to offer bids to, & do bids rounds to ensure you get the best rates available. This presentation will take the audience through the stages to implement the OTM Procurement tool. It will provide details on how to scope the project, analyze existing shipment data in OTM to build data to bid from, and manage carrier bid rounds. Finally it will show how to award carriers the bid and turn those bids into rates within OTM.

                          Download: Lanyard & Levin - Leveraging OTM Sourcing.pdf


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                            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

                            Title: How to Stress OTM Equipment Loading Features &

                            Type: Functional

                            Speaker: Paolo Magini, Consultant – Business Reply

                            Everyday transport operations present a high level of complexity and several practical issues that cannot be ignored. OTM offers various functionality that can be exploited in order to consider different transport handling units and equipment constraints when creating a shipment. Moreover, OTM planning and load engine can be tuned to achieve better results in terms of solution realism while keeping performance on high standard levels.

                            The aim of this presentation is to focus on some of these features to show how they work with some practical examples. Main topics of discussion will be:
                            • Transport handling unit parameters
                            • Ship unit stackability
                            • Equipment parameters
                            • 3D load engine examples
                            • Load configuration profile settings
                            • Container optimization tuning

                            Download: Magini, Paolo - How to Stress - PUBLISH.pdf


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                              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2009: Presentations

                              Title: Agent Overview

                              Type: Technical

                              Speaker: Tom Leonard, Sr. Principal Consultant – Oracle Consulting

                              This presentation will provide an overview on OTM Agents for all skill
                              levels and backgrounds:
                              • Agent Overview: What are they? What are they used for? Why are there advantages?
                              • Designing Agents Starts with Solid Business Rules to Automate
                              • Types of Agents: 47 Types and Counting
                              • Common Uses and Public Agents Delivered with OTM
                              • Uncommon Uses: Creative Ways to Extend OTM Without Paying for Enhancements
                              • Best Practices in Creating Agents
                              • Creating and Using Custom Events
                              • Common Agent Issues to Watch Out For

                              Download: Leonard, Tom - Agent Overview.pdf