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OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

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  • OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

    Wow! Can you believe that we've now completed the 4th annual OTM SIG User Conference?

    I had a great time and it was an incredible mixture of business, learning and catching up with old friends -- all with very little sleep.

    I'd like to give a lot of credit to Tara (from Meeting Expectations), who helps us pull off this conferene every year, and to the OTM SIG Board, who dedicates a lot of time (nearly half of our yearly work) preparing for it.

    Lastly - thanks to everyone who came, making it the largest conference we're ever had!

    I'm going to start posting all of the presentations now, so expect them to all get up over the next couple of hours.

    To start off - here's the agenda for the OTM SIG User Conference 2009:

    Download: OTM SIG User Conference 2010 - Full Agenda - FINAL.pdf

    As a note, should you find the information helpful or use it in any way, please give credit to those who originally created/presented them.


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    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

    Title: OTM Development Update

    Speaker: Jim Mooney VP, Logistics Development – Oracle

    This presentation will provide a high level overview of OTM Support and OTM v6.x.

    Topics to be covered include:
    • Version Support
    • OTM v6.1 and development strategy
    • OTM Curriculum

    Download: Mooney, Jim - SIG 2010 Development Update -.pdf


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      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

      Title: 2010 OTM SIG Conference - Oracle Consulting

      Type: Platinum Sponsor Presentation

      Speakers: Bob Hart, OTM Practice Director – Oracle Consulting

      Bob's Photo Album

      Consulting | Consultant Services | Oracle

      Download: Sponsor Presentation - Oracle Consulting.pdf


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        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

        Title: Regain Control of Your Transportation: Switching from 3PL to OTM

        Type: Basic Functional

        Speaker: Amy Donovan, PQ Corporation

        • PQ's environment pre OTM. 3PL, third party payment service and how the business relationship was setup between parties. Integration points, etc.
        • Reasons the move from 3PL was done from a business perspective.
        • PQ's environment with OTM. OTM functionality implemented. Third payment service business relationship, SAP changes, integration points, PQ resource/responsibility changes, benefits.

        Download: Donovan, Amy - Regain Control of your Transportation - Switching from 3PL to OTM.pdf


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          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

          Title: Best Practices in OTM Customizations and Extensions

          Type: Advanced Functional

          Speaker: Rajasekhar Chennapragada - Mahindra Satyam

          OTM customers tend to use disparate solutions to address gaps. Sometimes it's a stored procedure or a custom screen with tables or even changing the XSLs or java code.

          Based on the experience of working with several customers in OTM customizations and OTM extensions, this paper will describe the best practices, design approach, considerations during development, impact during OTM migration.

          Download: Chennapragada, Rajasekhar - Best Practices in OTM.pdf


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            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

            Title: Integration of OTM with Legacy Systems using Oracle SOA BPEL

            Type: Technical

            Speaker: Venkat Kanakam - Office Depot, Inc.

            This paper discusses the integration solution of using Oracle SOA BPEL integration platform for integrating a Legacy (Mainframe) Shipping Execution system with OTM, especially in a high transaction volume environment such as at OFFICEDEPOT. Oracle BPEL Process Manager is a BPEL engine that is a member of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products. The Mainframe Shipping Execution system is responsible for planning the delivery of the customer order which includes estimating the packaging requirements, identifying a feasible/optimal Carrier to deliver the Order and then releasing the orders to downstream systems for further planning and subsequently releasing to warehouse for batching. For the purpose of Carrier selection, the Legacy system is integrated with OTM using SOA BPEL as integration layer. Design of Integration processes in a high transaction, large scale environments with OTM running in SCA mode calls for a robust approach so that performance is optimal and end-to-end message tracking is assured. This paper describes the over all integration process, high level technical design of BPEL processes, configuration of OTM Web Service and OTM Database message queue (AQ) configurations. Experiences in Day-to-Day production support of such integration system is explained with reference to the issues faced, debugging in case of questionable message data, message recovery in case of system failures and performance tuning.

            Kanakam, Venkat - Integration of OTM with Legacy Systems.pdf


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              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

              Title: Maximize Your Investment in OTM!

              Type: Basic Functional

              Bob Hart - Oracle Consulting & Kathy Moore - Eminent Group

              What are some the best practices for rolling out OTM to new divisions or lines of business? What are the common challenges (and solutions) encountered with an OTM rollout. Let us share with you are experiences and lessons learned.

              Moore & Hart - Maximize Your Investment in OTM - Roll-Out Strategies.pdf


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                Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

                Title: Business Challenges of Implementing EDI

                Type: Technical

                Speaker: Susan Beaver and Mark Warren - Smurfit-Stone

                Smurfit-Stone has implemented 204 (Tender) and 214 (EDI Event) with its Line Haul and Intermodal Carriers for both inbound and outbound shipments. The data is captured in multiple applications (including OTM) for shipment tracking and the history is used in mode selection decisions and performance management.
                • How to deal with carrier system constraints
                • How to manage carrier resource constraints and dispatcher training
                • Determining Go / No-go for production deployment and implementation timeline
                • Impact of changing business requirements on EDI implementations

                • Challenges we faced with incorrect sizing (technical) and dollar impact when EDI goes down
                • How to make the carriers comply to sending complete and accurate data
                • OTM configuration changes made to Shipment Event Tracker agent to prevent shipment time changes and its impact
                • How Transportation Planners use EDI data in their day to day activities
                • Challenges of tender and tender accept timing within OTM

                Performance Management:
                • How different business functions within Smurfit-Stone use EDI 204 and 214 data to manage the business. Inbound and Outbound customer service, Transportation Procurement, Operations.

                Download: Beaver & Warren - Business Challenges of Implementing EDI.pdf


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                  Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

                  Title: Leveraging External Links Within the OTM Application

                  Type: Functional

                  Speaker: Karin McFall - Kraft Foods

                  Kraft understands the importance of building strong relationships with business partners. For Transportation, we were challenged with developing a way to enable our business partners to easily access pertinent and important information regarding Kraft. In addition, we wanted to leverage a way to communicate effectively with our business partners.

                  We achieved this goal by creating a Business Partner Portal through OTM. We created menu options within OTM which link to external facing Sharepoint sites and various applications. The portal gives users access 24/7 to a Sharepoint site that contains Kraft contact information, policy, site information, and other information pertinent to our business partner's needs. Through the portal, business partners can also access tariff, payment status information, and mileage calculations which aid in billing processes. Each function within Kraft Transportation is responsible for updating and maintaining the information in the Sharepoint site. Prior to this access, most of this information was accessible via another application; however, it was not user maintained and required system support to update information.

                  The presentation will show the different types of information that is accessible and how it benefits and enables collaboration with Kraft's business partners.

                  McFall & Singh - Leveraging External Links within the OTM Application.pdf


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                    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

                    Title: Advanced Planning Capabilities in Multi-Stop Shipments to Optimize Cost and Service

                    Type: Advanced Functional

                    Speaker: Archana Bhardwaj - 7Hills Global Consulting

                    One of the key challenges that most organizations face is to continuously improve their transportation performance, with ever increasing pressures on managing costs and service levels. One lever which can be used to significantly improve the performance by 5-10% is Transportation Planning. OTM's planning engine has evolved over a period of time and is capable of addressing a variety of business scenarios. Some of the advanced planning features introduced in version 5.5 & 6.0 can be leveraged by old as well as new users of OTM to further improve the planning output and reduce transportation cost, especially for Multi-Stop shipments.

                    OTM planning engine considers various planning constraints (eg. Equipments, Delivery windows, Routing Sequences etc) and builds multi-stop shipments with required stop sequences and accurate equipment selection.

                    OTM advanced planning capabilities includes:

                    • Multiple Stop Sequencing Algorithms
                    • Multiple Cost Saving Algorithms
                    • Multi-stop Consolidation Parameters
                    • Container Optimization Parameters
                    • Performance Improvement Parameters
                    • Load Configuration Parameters

                    These features help building optimized multi-stop shipments with
                    • Properly Sequenced Stops based on Routing Sequence constraints
                    • Accurate Shipment pairing
                    • Optimize Cost
                    • Optimized Order Splitting
                    • Properly loaded ship units based on LIFO logic

                    This presentation provides insights into some of the advanced Multi-Stop Shipments Planning capabilities of OTM mentioned above along with examples (business scenarios demonstrated on live OTM instance with different types of planning configurations) from real life business operations where they have been implemented and are delivering results for customers.

                    Bhardwaj, Archana - Advanced Planning Capabilities in Multi-Stop Shipments.pdf


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                      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

                      Title: Implementing OTM in a Fast Changing Growing Environment

                      Type: Advanced Functional

                      Speaker: Ravi Kutty and Ryan Kieczykowski - Niagara Bottling LLC

                      Niagara Bottling is one of the earliest implementers of OTM on EBS - having integrated OTM and Oracle utilizing customized BPEL solutions and having gone live in June 2007.

                      As a growing company live on OTM, our requirements and demands of the OTM solutions have changed over the last three years. Increase in Volume, Increase in Customers, Increase in Carriers and Increasing Business Requirements all led to additional complexity for our Logistics Team.

                      This presentation will cover:

                      • How we utilized OTM and its flexibility to build extensions covering our specific business needs.
                      • How it allowed us to automate business processes to scale with growth.
                      • How our Planners and Customer Support Representatives utilized OTM to cut margins and delays.
                      • How custom integrations between Oracle and OTM enabled us to utilize OTM as a one-stop portal for our Transportation team.

                      Download: Kutty & Kieczykowski - Implementing OTM.pdf


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                        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

                        Title: Fleet Management

                        Type: Technical

                        Speaker: Srini Rajagopal - Oracle

                        Oracle's Fleet Management feature for OTM.

                        Download: Rajagopal, Srini - OTM Fleet Management.pdf


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                          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

                          Sponsor Fast Track

                          Type: Gold Sponsor Presentations



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                            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

                            Title: MavenWire Management Platform (working title) - MavenWire

                            Type: Platinum Sponsor Presentation

                            Speakers:Chris Plough, Co-founder / Director of Development – MavenWire

                            Introduction to the MavenWire Management Platform (MMP).

                            The first Module will be for the Management of Oracle Transportation Management and will include the following:
                            • Agent Manager
                            • Data Archive / Purging Manager
                            • Data Migration Manager
                            • Master Data Manager
                            • Performance Manager
                            • Rate Manager
                            • User / Role Manager

                            MavenWire - Home

                            Download: MavenWire Management Platform - OTM SIG Sponsor Presentation.pdf


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                              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2010: Presentations

                              Title: Leveraging Real-Time GPS/Sensor Information to Drive SLA Compliance

                              Type: Functional

                              Speaker: Niranjan Umarane - 7Hills Consulting

                              OTM traditionally has been integrated with Carriers to get EDI feed on shipment status and related information. However most of the information through this route is intermediary and is not real time. This delays the ability to detect, analyze and respond in time to ensure efficiency and compliance. It is now essential that improved solutions be adopted given advent of a global marketplace, distributed manufacturing and the heightened concerns of security and international supply chain risk.

                              Real time integration with GPS devices on fleet and temperature control sensors provides valuable real time information. GPS devices provide actual asset status/location, driving speed, stoppage time, ETA at next stop and various other information points that would enable the dispatcher to manage its fleet operations more effectively. A temperature sensor device on the equipment ensures that the equipment temperature is monitored in real time and is visible to all the stakeholders. Any risk of deviation is alerted and corrective steps taken.

                              This presentation attempts to demonstrate real life business scenarios in transportation operations where real time information can make a big difference. By showcasing a live GPS / Temperature sensor feed into OTM, the session would present a business case of how this helps manage operations better. Some of the use cases that would be discussed in OTM context are:

                              GPS Feed
                              • Real time truck location status and visibility to the dispatcher
                              • Monitor a multi-stop store delivery shipment by getting real time update from each stop with a predicted ETA at the next stop to enable better service to stores
                              • Predict truck capacity visibility in case of dedicated fleet at the yard / plant to facilitate better planning
                              • Providing OTM with information that can concerns regarding key regulatory and security issues (C-TPAT, 10 + 2, Product traceability Customs

                              Inspections, Port dwell time delays, epedigree requirements) that impact their costs and global business
                              • Temperature Sensors
                              • Monitoring Temperature for a medical product transportation scenario that ensures compliance
                              • Enabling truck positioning at the loading dock only after it has reached the required temperature zone
                              • Capturing multiple temperature sensor data from a single large container and determine corrective actions like changing a delivery sequence
                              • Capturing information on door opening, fuel consumption, stoppage time etc on a refer transportation scenario and how this can be utilized to drive improvement initiatives

                              Business Value
                              • SLA, regulatory compliance
                              • Better asset utilization

                              The presentation would involve live demo of OTM solution leveraging real time tracking solution from Savi Networks. It would be a joint panel presentation to cover the key points of utilizing the two solutions together.

                              Umarane, Niranjan - Leveraging Real-Time GPS-Sensor Data.pdf