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OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

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  • OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

    Hello everyone!

    We've almost made it to the OTM SIG User Conference '07 and I'm getting excited!

    Once the conference is over, this thread will be used to share the presentations from the various partners, clients and consultancies in attendance. I need a bit of time to gather the presentations and convert them to PDF format, so expect them to be uploaded and visible here by Monday, August 13th. Of course, if I can get it done sooner - I definitely will.


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    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations


    As promised, I've attached an archive of the presentations from the OTM SIG User Conference 2007. I've broken them up by day, in order to keep the file sizes down (19MB and 17MB, respectively).

    In addition, I'll post individual presentations by next Monday (8/20/2007), along with a description of each below. This way, you can either download the big shebang, or just the ones you have interest in.

    Finally, thanks again to everyone who attended and participated in the conference and made it a fantastic success! Without all of you, I wouldn't have these presentations to post


    Download links:
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      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

      OTM SIG Meeting Update

      Jim Mooney, Oracle

      This session will update the OTM SIG members on the current status of OTM development.


      Recap 2006 Customer Enhancement Requests

      Dan Filetti, Oracle
      • This session will review the status of last year's Enhancement Request (ER) project, including a summary of ERs that went into the 5.5 cumulative updates, and ERs planned for 6.0.
      • How to submit enhancements for this year – future. How clients influence the product going forward.
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        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

        OTM Cooperative Routing - Forecasting, Assigning and Managing Carrier Resources and Lanes

        Brenda Sorensen, Kraft Foods; Srini Rajagopal, Oracle

        This session will focus on the Cooperative Routing area of OTM. A newer area within the OTM solution, Cooperative Routing is used to determine the right mix of fleet and contract carriage within a defined area. It also identifies ‘closed-loops’ or tours, so that multiple shipments can be linked together to create efficient transportation routes for fleet and contract carrier drivers.

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          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

          Tune your database and your tiers for optimal OTM performance

          Steve Hughes, Family Dollar

          This session focuses on some of the tuning exercises Family Dollar has This session focuses on some of the tuning exercises Family Dollar has undergone over the past several years to keep our system running as efficiently as possible. This session covers the entire spectrum including your database, application and web servers. It is skewed towards database tuning, since it’s the most dynamic component of your system.



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            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

            Continuous Moves in OTM: Integrating Inbound and Outbound Transportation

            Chris Starks, Deloitte

            Large corporations often lack synchronization in transportation planning across their business units. A company’s transportation procurement decisions, the way it is vertically integrated and its overall transportation strategy can all result in a poorly integrated transportation plan. Difficulties coordinating inbound shipments with outbound shipments are especially prevalent. Inbound and outbound shipping is often planned at varying times from alternate locations, making synchronization and planning decisions very difficult.

            Oracle Transportation Management (“OTM”) provides Continuous Move (“CM”) functionality to help integrate inbound and outbound shipments. CM’s create a link between two shipments, and can modify the price of each shipment based on contracted rates. This presentation explains the configuration and business process changes needed to implement Continuous Moves, as well as possible enhancements that can make Continuous Moves more dynamic.



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              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

              OTM / EBS Integration – Avoiding Pitfalls

              Chris Plough, MavenWire

              The presentation will include an overview of how the two systems integrate at a high level. We will then delve deeper and describe and diagram the flows between EBS and OTM, for the following processes: Sales Orders, Purchasing, Payables, Rates and Ship Methods. With that complete, we will discuss lessons learned from the projects, including the relative maturity of this integration offering, data mapping issues (particularly around units of measure and delivery dates), synchronization of shared data (including locations, carriers and service levels) and understanding several key terminology differences between the two products. Finally, we will end with a Q and A session, so that attendees can get answers to related questions or delve deeper into particular segments for greater detail.



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                Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

                Lunch Sponsored by Deloitte

                Keynote Address: Getting more out of OTM

                Deloitte will lead a discussion focusing on some of the more complex issues facing logistics departments today, and how OTM can be leveraged to solve these issues and increase value to the business.



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                  Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations


                  Kathy Moore, EGI

                  Transportation is often called the last frontier – that last area that companies address to gain efficiencies and reduce costs. Within transportation, settlement proves to be one area companies can deploy industry best practices and experience cost savings. EGI has helped companies reduce their freight spend 30-60% by automating settlement, standardizing contracts, and providing business intelligence around costs.



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                    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

                    Integration Best Practices for OTM

                    Erik Markeset, Tsol and CP Consulting

                    The purpose of this presentation is to help the attendee understand the principal mechanisms for integrating OTM with other parties and systems. The presentation addresses three major approaches for system-to-system integration and identifies the principal advantages and disadvantages of each. These approaches are: 1: Python script (out of the box option) 2: Custom point-to-point integration 3: Middleware

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                      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

                      Understanding and Using Oracle’s Reporting and Business Intelligence Capabilities

                      Vijay Aggarwal, Oracle

                      A lead developer on the Oracle OTM team, Vijay will present the differences between reporting and business intelligence as well as demonstrate how to use them.



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                        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

                        Event Management (Workflow and Agents)

                        Rishi Raina , Oracle

                        This session will focus on how to model the business workflow requirements in OTM. Some of the topics covered will be:
                        • Agents and how to configure them,
                        • Introduction to some new agents types used for monitoring the transmissions and transactions,
                        • Milestone templates and their role
                        • Overview of creating Timers in OTM
                        • When to use milestones vs. agents
                        • What to avoid doing in OTM with respect to workflow setup, especially creating multiple agents listening to the same event


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                          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

                          Keynote Address

                          Christopher D. Norek, Ph.D.

                          Christopher D. Norek, Ph.D. is a founding Senior Partner with Chain Connectors, Inc., an Atlanta-based supply chain consulting firm specializing in strategy, transportation operations, technology, returns management and training. He has been in the logistics field for almost 20 years both in industry with Accenture, Kimberly-Clark, Apple Computer, and CSC Consulting as well as in academia as a professor at both Auburn University and the University of Tennessee. Dr. Norek has consulted for firms including Lowe’s, SAP,, Accenture, Office Depot, Cingular Wireless, The Sports Authority, Party City, Chatsworth Products, and Aramark Uniform Services.

                          He has significant experience in many areas of supply chain management including overall supply chain strategy, supply chain organizational development, supply chain technology/software, distribution network design, inventory strategy, and returns management.

                          Dr. Norek has been active in publishing for journals in the field including Journal of Business Logistics
                          , International Journal of Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management Review, Logistics Quarterly (LQ), DC Velocity, and ASCET. He is on the editorial advisory board of Logistics Quarterly (LQ) and DC Velocity and is an outside reviewer for the Journal of Business Logistics.
                          In addition, he is a frequent speaker for many organizations and university executive development programs including the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP—formerly the Council of Logistics Management), National Strategic Shipper Transportation Council (NASSTRAC), Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Tennessee, University of North Florida, and University of Louisville. Dr. Norek holds a B.S. in Business Logistics from Penn State, an M.B.A. with a concentration in logistics and transportation from the University of Tennessee, and M.A.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from The Ohio State University in Logistics and Transportation.

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                            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

                            OTM Implementation Reference Model Accelerator

                            Danielle Manning, Enterprise Integration Inc. (Eii)

                            Enterprise Integration Inc. (Eii) has developed an Implementation Reference Model Accelerator that provides visibility into your end-to-end business processes while successfully implementing OTM. The Implementation Reference Model Accelerator provides a single repository for all information relevant to OTM including Business Process Configuration, Organizational Governance, System Landscape, and Master Data management. EII would like to share a customer success story where the project leveraged the Implementation Reference Model Accelerator to successfully and rapidly implement OTM.



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                              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

                              Common Rating Scenarios

                              Paul Hamill, Oracle

                              The intention of this session is to share information about common rating scenarios and how they are modeled within OTM. Some of the scenarios
                              that will be discussed include LTL rating (Linear foot/volume rating in-particular), Parcel rating, and Customer Specific rates. We will also discuss the topic of loading large volumes of rates for LTL Carriers.

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