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OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

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    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

    Rail Customer Advisory Board Update / Best Practices

    Bill Broberg, Hitachi; Al Drummond, Oracle

    Early in 2007, Oracle created a Rail CAB. This group was formed in response to the need to better manage shipments by rail. Stakeholders include shippers, service providers and Oracle. After an initial meeting of the stakeholders, we defined a number of areas of interest. The ultimate goal is to make this information available in OTM. The areas of interest include:
    • Pipeline management provides shippers with information on car location, status, ship dates and delivery dates.
    • Demurrage management provides shippers with accurate and current information on demurrage costs.
    • Problem notification would alert shippers to delayed cars.
    • Electronic delivery of rail rates
    • Rail rate/shipment cost lookup
    • Fuel surcharge management
    • Integration of rail shipment data into ERPs
    • Rail car fleet management
    • Freight bill payment
    • Mode optimization
    • Management reports and metrics


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      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

      Under the Hood of the OTM Database Security Layer

      Eric Rosenbloom, Oracle

      This technically focused session will examine how the Oracle Virtual Private Database (VPD) feature is utilized to allow multiple Domains to coexist on the same OTM instance. You will learn about how VPD works under the hood, and the underlying mechanisms for managing domains, domain grants, external predicates, vpd contexts, users, and user roles. There will also be discussion of what makes a good domain design, as well as a discussion of how VPD impacts database performance.



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        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

        Lunch Sponsored by Capgemini

        Keynote Address: Achieving the Benefits of OTM: Meeting the Challenge of Driving Value into Business Processes and Operational Decisions

        Shaun Tang and Steve Ostendorf, Capgemini

        Corporations implement Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) to realize improved planning & execution, greater supply chain visibility, enhanced reporting and a host of other benefits such as carrier sourcing and freight settlement. There are a number of challenges associated with achieving and quantifying these benefits. These challenges include business process design, organizational design, robust integration development, reports development, and maintaining a company’s commitment to the success of OTM as an enabling technology.



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          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

          OTM Optimization - Configuration and Capabilities

          Sundar Arunapuram, Oracle; Srini Rajagopal, Oracle; Tom Tsukada, Oracle

          Oracle development leads will talk about the current capabilities within the OTM optimization engines. After a review of architecture and capabilities, the team will focus on newer features within the optimization area as well as areas of future development.



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            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2007: Presentations

            good, let me talke a look.