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OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

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  • OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

    Hello! I'm starting this thread early, because I know I'll need it soon. We're only about 36 hours away from this year's OTM User Conference in Philadelphia and I'm already behind - ha!

    Just as a note, I'm headed off for vacation near the end of this month, so I'm going to try and post all of the presentations as soon as possible (meaning, as soon as I receive all of them), so that you're not waiting until the middle of September

    Have fun and I hope to see you in Philly!


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    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations
    Title: Development Update: Oracle Transportation Management & Global Trade Management

    Speaker: Jim Mooney, VP Logistics Development - Oracle

    OTM / GTM Development Update.

    Mooney, Jim - OTM-GTM Development Update.pdf


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      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

      Title: Is Your Solution Economy Proof? - MavenWire

      Type: Platinum Sponsor Presentation

      Speaker: Eric van den Born and Michiel Keijzer, MavenWire

      Best practices on how to leverage your TMS solution to help your company overcome the current economic volatility.

      Download: MavenWire Sponsor Presentation 2011.pdf


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        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

        Title: OTM in Various Transportation Modes in SMB (Small and Medium Businesses)

        Speaker: John Vitale, Baillie Lumber Co.

        Baillie lumber sells hardwood lumber both in the US and to Export customers. It ships product using flatbed trucks and intermodal domestically, and ships about 1,000 containers monthly to 60 ports worldwide. Presentation will cover overall implementation approach, implications of each shipping mode, ROI and lessons learned.

        Download: Vitale, John - OTM in Various Transportation Modes in SMB.pdf


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          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

          Title: OTM 6.2.1 Upgrade Overview (Giant Eagle)

          Speaker: Brian Hogue, Giant Eagle

          In Q1 2011, Pittsburgh, PA-based Giant Eagle, Inc., a major supermarket and convenience store leader in Pennsylvania and Ohio, chartered a project to upgrade their Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) instance from v5.5 up to v6.2.1. Giant Eagle selected King of Prussia, PA-based MavenWire LLC to provide consulting and implementation services to support the upgrade effort, based in large part upon MavenWire’s experience and proven methodologies with OTM projects for an impressive list of customers. MavenWire was well-positioned to leverage their considerable talent pool, including consultants that had previous experience with Giant Eagle’s OTM configuration. Giant Eagle elected to upgrade to v6.2.1 in order to take advantage of OTM functionality in operational planning and usability enhancements, and to be in a better position to utilize such features as shipment tracking in the future. The project plan encompassed hardware and O/S (Linux) upgrades, a methodology for converting from Oracle’s 32-bit client to the new 64-bit client, and a database upgrade to 11g, and. The sum total of the technology changes and upgrades is expected to deliver significant performance improvements across the OTM system. In addition to delivering against the technology-related project goals, Giant Eagle’s management team saw this project as an opportunity to conduct process reviews, which they assessed and used to improved business processes within their organization, and which they plan to build upon even more in the future.

          Download: Hogue, Brian - OTM 6.2.1 Upgrade Overview.pdf


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            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

            Title: Middleware and OTM

            Speaker: Nipun Lakhotia, Infosys Technologies Ltd

            As part of this presentation we will be sharing our experience of the following integration scripts/tools
            Python Based Integration
            • Oracle SOA Suite
            • Tibco
            • Mule
            • Informatica

            The Pros and Cons of each middleware.

            Download: Gurujala, Ravi Kiran - Middleware and OTM.pdf


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              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

              Title: Implementation of Oracle's Global Trade Management (GTM) Solution

              Speaker: Dana Greco-Smalley, GENBAND Inc.

              Any system implementation can be challenging, and global trade automation systems have their own unique challenges. Complex compliance regulations, internal coordination with other areas of the business, scope, time, and resources are familiar constraints. GENBAND has recently completed its implementation of Oracle GTM, which is currently the most comprehensive implementation of this solution. In this co-presenting session with GENBAND, Deloitte Tax, and Deloitte Consulting, you will gain an understanding of the approach and the key activities involved with implementing Oracle’s GTM solution. Learn about leading practices and the key business drivers, including business and trade compliance requirements. In addition, hear about a case study from GENBAND, including information on project challenges, key design solutions, project team, and other configuration challenges to consider for a GTM project. The presentation will address the following key elements:
              • GENBAND case study
              • Project team structure built for success
              • Critical activities and key project milestones

              Download: Greco-Smalley, Dana - GTM CAB GENBAND and Deloitte presentation.pdf


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                Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

                Title: Designing Highly-Available Architectures for OTM

                Speaker: Chris Plough, MavenWire

                OTM is a critical enterprise application and application downtime can be very expensive; ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour of unplanned outage. Learn how to design your OTM architecture to provide the right amount of redundancy for your company; taking into consideration the business requirements, balanced with budgetary constraints. Chris Plough will discuss and demonstrate the benefits and pitfalls learned from real-world scenarios, which stem from both from our OTM Hosting Architecture, as well as direct customer experiences.

                Download: Plough, Chris - Designing Highly-Available Architectures for OTM.pdf


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                  Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

                  Title: Leveraging More from your OTM Investment

                  Speaker: Sudheer Pamighantam, Mahindra Satyam

                  This paper would talk about case studies of shippers / carriers who have expanded the realm of OTM to differentiate significantly in the marketplace and / or continue to extract more from OTM investments even after several years of using the application. The sub-topics include:
                  • Completing the order to cash process
                  • Global / Multi-country rollouts on same instance
                  • Automation like no click freight audit, lights out planning
                  • Next in leveraging OTM Optimization
                  • Building OTM based eco-system for Inventory management, PO management / Inbound Logistics

                  Download: Pamighantam, Sudheer - Leverage More from your OTM Investment Final.pdf


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                    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

                    Title: How Kraft Foods Upgraded from OTM v5.5 to v6.2.1

                    Speaker: Mark Kissell, Kraft Foods

                    Kraft Foods will be upgrading to OTM v6.2.1 in the next month. Kraft Foods has been preparing and testing the 6.2.x version for the past 8 months. I will present Kraft Foods’ process to upgrade OTM from v5.5 CU6 to version 6.2.1. This will provide insight on Kraft Foods’ overall upgrade steps, costs and benefits, key issues and lessons learned, along with highlights of new functionality that Kraft Foods is now using.

                    Download: Kissell, Mark - How Kraft Foods Upgraded to v6.2.1.pdf


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                      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

                      Title: OTM Server Crash - Implications on Business Systems & Proposed Solutions

                      Speaker: Lakshmana Murthy Kodukula , Infosys Technologies Ltd

                      Though OTM is a robust application, it may sometimes crash in some exceptional scenarios such as high volume of inbound & outbound transmissions, complex logic/data processing by various custom workflows, database related performance issues etc. It is difficult to predict server crash but some intelligent alerting mechanisms can be developed to continuously monitor application & web server for any exception conditions that may result in a server crash. But a server crash may still happen in spite of best in class preventive mechanisms. During such an event, a systematic data recovery process is required to bring system back for business processing. Minimizing the OTM downtime and re-processing of backlog transmissions should be the key considerations for a steady recovery process. This paper covers some of the preventive mechanisms that proactively monitor OTM application servers for any uncalled activities. It also covers systematic data recovery process to ensure smooth functioning of business processes.

                      Download: Kodukula, Lakshmana Murthy - OTM Server Crash Implications.pdf


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                        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

                        Title: Sponsor Presentation - Oracle Consulting

                        Type: Platinum Sponsor Presentation

                        Speaker: Bob Hart, Oracle Consulting

                        Bob's photo album: projects, consultants and customers.

                        Consulting | Consultant Services | Oracle

                        Download: Oracle Consulting Sponsor Presentation.pdf


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                          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

                          Title: Product Strategy: Oracle Transportation Management and Global Trade Management

                          Speaker: Derek Gittoes, Oracle

                          Product strategy for OTM and GTM.

                          Download: Gittoes, Derek - Oracle Product Strategy 2011-08-15 FINAL.pdf


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                            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

                            Title: Efficient and Flexible Load Algorithms Increase Cube Yield using OTM 6.2.1 Load Configuration

                            Speaker: Kalyan Ganjikunta, Wipro Technologies

                            With the increased emphasis placed on streamlining the supply chain, manufacturing companies are looking for ways to reduce shipping and transportation costs. Rheem Manufacturing is amongst the first few to implement OTM 6.2.1 with focused emphasis of implementing load configuration for their truckload planning, optimization and diagramming. They are able to leverage OTM 6.2.1 intelligent algorithms and extensive stacking rules to optimize the loads. The study will cover experiences, lessons learned, best practices, and will detail some specific technical solutions applied to problems

                            Download: (not available)


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                              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2011: Presentations

                              Title: OTM Data Management Tools

                              Eric Rosenbloom, Oracle Consulting

                              (Description not available.)

                              Download: Rosenbloom, Eric - OTM Data Management Tools.pdf