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OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

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  • OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

    Hello all,

    I'm re-creating this thread, as I accidentally removed the original (whoops!). This has also been updated to include presentations that were missing from the original.


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    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

    Title: Development Update: Oracle Transportation Management & Global Trade Management

    Speaker: Jim Mooney, VP Logistics Development - Oracle

    OTM / GTM Development Update.

    Mooney, Jim - OTM-GTM Development Update.pdf


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      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

      Title: CSC: Value Chain Execution Capabilities

      Type: Platinum Sponsor Presentation

      Speaker: CSC

      (Description not available.)


      Download: (not available)


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        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

        Title: Strategic Opportunities and Extensions for OTM Deployments

        Kerry Wigginton, Oracle

        This talk will focus on potential new ways to use OTM in conjunction with other applications and technologies in order to derive greater value from deployment of OTM. It will include an introduction of the Oracle Application Strategy Group (ASG) and their role of driving innovation for Oracle Value Chain Execution customers. Specific examples will include Logistics Network Optimization (using OTM and SNO to drive agility in decision making) and Enterprise Logistics Orchestration (Using OTM, Oracle Webcenter, OBIEE and other technologies to enable a global command and control center for logistics)

        Download: Wigginton, Kerry - Strategic Opportunities and Extensions for OTM Deployments.pdf


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          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

          Title: OTM Late Night - An Under the Cover Look at Itinerary Legs

          Speaker: David Dockery
          , Eminent Group Inc.

          Itineraries are the hardest piece of Planning and Rates to actually explain to the users, but a knowledgeable person will grasp this concept quickly. This presentation will deliver that easy to grasp concept to every audience.

          Download: Dockery, David - OTM Late Night.pdf


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            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

            Title: Error Management in OTM Projects

            Speaker: Dilip Mirajkar, Capgemini

            Very often, OTM is implemented without giving clear thought to designing and executing an error management process. This presentation will provide an overview of the process to follow in order to proactively execute this process prior to Go Live vs. handling in a reactive fashion. Also, many users don’t truly understand which error messages to turn on and by turning on too many error messages, the important ones tend to get ignored.

            The presentation will walk through the error messages which are important to follow, and the steps to troubleshoot those error messages when they do arise.

            Download: Mirajkar, Dilip - Error Management in OTM Projects.pdf


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              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

              Title: VCE at Beckman Coulter: How a good strategy comes to life within a changing environment.

              Speaker: Carl Sandvick, Beckman Coulter

              Beckman Coulter re-implemented Oracle ERP within the Order to Cash process via packaged integration of Oracle OTM, WMS, Kewill Flagship and other systems. This was a challenging road however has continued to pay off with productivity, data quality, reporting and improved metrics. Beckman Coulter will share how our focused deployment has succeeded with continuous improvement, challenges of organizational change and plans execute our strategy in the future.

              Sandvik, Carl - VCE at Beckman Coulter.pdf


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                Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                Title: Past Present and Future of Fleet Management

                Speaker: Dan Filetti, Oracle

                This will be an interactive session in which we will discuss current state and roadmap of Oracle Fleet Management. The session will be organized into three sections. The first will review current functionality. Learn how to use OTM to manage your fleet and how to avoid some common pitfalls. The next section will review enhancement areas on our product backlog. The third section will be a feedback session where we will solicit your ideas on how to improve the product. Come prepared with your ideas on where you would like to take the functionality.

                Fileti, Dan - Fleet Management.pdf


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                  Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                  Title: OTM in the Cloud

                  Speaker: Ryan Haney / Chris Plough, MavenWire

                  As interest in cloud solutions and their use with enterprise applications has increased, MavenWire has taken a lead in implementing and benchmarking several instances of OTM using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). This presentation outlines how the instances were set up and configured; potential benefits of OTM in the cloud; cost and performance comparisons between the cloud and "traditional" server configurations; areas of concern and issues to be aware of when implementing OTM in the cloud. In addition, we will also outline what we believe the future direction of cloud OTM will be, as well as where we believe it is best suited to customer needs.

                  Download: Haney and Plough - OTM in the Cloud.pdf


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                    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                    Title: Taking OTM to the Next Level

                    Speaker: Bob Hart, Oracle Consulting

                    (Description not available.)

                    Consulting | Consultant Services | Oracle

                    Download: (Not available.)


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                      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                      Title: OTM / GTM Product Strategy

                      Speaker: Derek Gittoes, Oracle

                      OTM and GTM product strategy.

                      Download: Gittoes, Derek - Product Strategy 2012-08-13 v1.pdf


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                        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                        Title: MavenWire: Global Customer Success

                        Speaker: Samuel Levin and Barry Hayes, MavenWire

                        Turning the best product into the best solution requires the best people. An overview of customers across the world, how they are using OTM and the value that our global team brings them.

                        MavenWire | Global Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), Global Trade Management (GTM) and Logistics Experts

                        Download: 20120813-OTM SIG MavenWire Key Note-small.pdf

                        The full web presentation is also available here: SIG 2012 MavenWire Keynote


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                          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                          Title: How Kraft Foods Implemented and Uses FTI

                          Speaker: Brian Fish, Chainalytics and Mark Kissell, Kraft Foods

                          This presentation will provide Kraft's approach to implementing FTI. We will provide insight on how Kraft answered key questions to implement FTI. We will provide details on project lifecycle and resources, FTI benefits Kraft is realizing, and lessons learned. The presentation will address the below key business and FTI functional and technical questions. Key Business Questions:
                          • Do we have uniform definitions for all components of our metrics (i.e. cost, volume, dates, outbound, inbound, interplant)?
                          • Does every type of transportation move have an owner responsible for achieving cost and service goals?
                          • Do all levels of the organization understand what to do with each report and how to act on the results they provide?
                          • How can we convince the higher levels of management to focus on the aggregate levels of report results and allow the execution levels to focus on the details and develop solutions to the known issues?

                          Key FTI Functional and Technical Questions:
                          • How to customize FTI to make it work for you?
                          • How to develop reports that are easy to manage and maintain?
                          • What are all of these new system processes and how do we support them?

                          Download: Fish and Kissell - How Kraft Foods Implemented and Uses FTI.pdf


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                            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                            Title: OTM v6.x Essentials - Leveraging the Best out of Tracking Events, Special Services, Remarks and Refnums

                            Speaker: Chintankumar Shah, CSC

                            As growing OTM Community and need for market, OTM designer/solution analyst come across different set of requirements for respective business regularly. In this presentation author highlights some key and most effective use of Tracking Events, Special Service, Remarks, and Refnums which depicts OTMs ability to handle extremely complex business scenarios. These functional implementation ideas can greatly support key OTM areas such as: Order Release creation, Shipment Planning, Asset Maintenance, Fleet Assignments, Shipment Execution, Fleet Optimization and reporting from low to complex level OTM implementations, which in turn can help users get the best out of OTM. These key findings and facts built over flagship implementation experience of fleet modules will help OTM Community leverage use of these common features more effectively. Author's intention to help OTM community to tackle common industry trend and their emerging requirements through the presented material.

                            Download: Shah, Chintankumar - OTM v6.x Essentials Leveraging the Best Out of Tracking Events Special Serv.pdf


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                              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                              Title: Sourcing Module 6.1.2 Network Bid Lessons Learned

                              Speaker: Gary Bolen, Family Dollar

                              Family Dollar uses the Sourcing Module in OTM 6.1.2 for all truckload and intermodal Inbound bid projects. Our most recent bid project covered our entire network of ten distribution centers (Approximately 55,000 shipments across 900+ lanes). I will cover our overall process, including data preparation and modeling (plus creating historical lanes for new distribution centers). Through several bid projects using OTM Sourcing Module, Family Dollar has created some SOP's for our carriers to interact with Sourcing Module. The bid validation step is very important and allows carriers to uncover incorrect bids before submitting to Family Dollar. Family Dollar looks at several scenario's to evaluate bid results. I will cover some of the new OTM 6.1 solver parameters that were helpful and allowed Family Dollar to make better lane award decisions. Sourcing Module presents several benefits to Family Dollar including but not limited to presenting all of our network data to our carriers in format to allow us to leverage volumes and solicit the best possible bid rates.

                              Download: Bolen, Gary - Sourcing Module Presentationl.pdf