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OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

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    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

    Title: EDI On-boarding in an OTM world

    Speaker: Arijit Sarkar, Capgemini US, LLC

    Shippers and Consignees alike have always endeavored to get visibility across the entire value chain. With the recent advancements in data/transaction processing technology there has been an enhanced emphasis on breaking down information silos between organizations. With this paradigm shift, electronic transactions have started playing an increasingly vital role in evolving organizations towards an extended enterprise. This applies in equal measure, if not more, to the Logistics world too where speed of information handshake is even more critical. Mirroring this attitude, current OTM implementations tend to interface more and more with disparate business processes and systems for both inbound and outbound logistics. The vast majority of these interfaces are enables through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and on-boarding these interfaces becomes a critical aspect of all OTM projects. The intent of this whitepaper is to walk through the various EDI transactions prevailing in the inbound and outbound transportation arena from an OTM implementation standpoint. Furthermore the whitepaper presents a perspective on stringing together disparate transaction sets for various milestones in the value chain using key data elements that can manifest a complete view. Following is a brief rundown of the topics that would be covered in the whitepaper.
    • EDI in inbound logistics
    • EDI in outbound logistics
    • Tools and software to aid on-boarding
    • EDI on-boarding challenges

    Download: Sarkar, Arjit - EDI On-Boarding in an OTM World.pdf


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      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

      Title: Order Management

      Speaker: Thomas Foerster, CSC

      Penske is replacing various legacy systems used to manage and execute its transportation business with OTM, including Fleet Management. Penske has a highly diverse client base with highly variable requirements and operating processes. For example, some clients require only the execution of static routes using dedicated resources, while others require dynamic route optimization and maximizing backhaul opportunities. During this session we will describe how planning and shipment execution constraints and requirements shaped the approach to order management for Penske. Specific topics addressed will include multi-stop orders, single OD-pair orders, shipments as work (SAWs), order templates, and order schedules. Attendees should expect to leave with a good understanding of OTM's order management related capabilities and how shipment planning and execution requirements and constraints affect the solution design for order management.

      Download: Foerster, Thomas - Order Management.pdf


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        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

        Title: Getting the most out of your support experience

        Speaker: Keith Wenyon, Oracle

        Getting the most out of your support experience

        Download: Wenyon, Keith - Getting the Most Out of Your Support Experience.pdf


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          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

          Title: Complex Logistics Use Cases - OTM Myths

          Speaker: Eric van den Born, MavenWire

          Traditional TMS has not ventured into the world of more specialist logistics solutions such as Air, Rail networks and Postal services. However more and more we are seeing OTM being delivered in these industries across Europe . In the presentation we will demonstrate with use cases how OTM is being applied in these complex, previously off limits industries.

          Download: van den Born, Eric - Complex Logistics Use Cases - OTM Myths.pdf


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            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

            Title: Practical Case Studies and New Uses for Parcel Compliance with Oracle

            Speaker: Pete Starvaski, Kewill, Inc.

            Recent OTM customers are finding innovative uses of the parcel shipping compliance provided by Kewill.

            A case study will show how a manufacturing company is managing thousands of inbound suppliers shipping against the manufacturer's carrier account numbers. This allows the manufacturer to control shipping cost and provide in-bound visibility.
            A case study will share tools and best practices for a manufacturing company global deployment on a single platform containing a wide variety of local, in-country, parcel carriers. Solution benefits provide visibility of the freight cost as well as the goods in transport, globally to all the stake-holders.

            Also included in the session we will look at some of the new features in the parcel compliance suite, including Shipping Intelligence analytics that extend the ROI for customers managing their parcel shipping with Kewill.

            Download: Starvaski, Pete - Parcel Compliance with Oracle.pdf


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              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

              Title: How to upgrade FTI

              Speaker: Chris Hugosson / Muthu Balasubramanian, Oracle

              Business Intelligence is always unique. Customizations are a fact of life. But how do I migrate such customizations? What should I expect when going to an ETL based on ODI? What does it mean when the subject area changes as it will in FTI 6.3? Expect this and more in this interactive session.

              Download: Hugosson and Balasubramanian - How to Upgrade FTI.pdf


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                Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                Title: The Journey: ConAgra OTM Implementation

                Speaker: Ryan Oswald, ConAgra

                ConAgra has recently finalized implementation of OTM. We would like to discuss our journey including reasons for implementing, timeline, challenges and complexities, and wins. Topics covered will include inbound/outbound planning, rate/award maintenance, and future enhancements.

                Reasons for implementing: end to end transportation solution: truck, LTL, ocean, rail, CPU; shipment optimization and planner efficiencies; enhanced reporting; appointment scheduling 2 year timeline from requirements gathering to implementation

                Challenges: master data, change management, reporting

                Wins: FTI; planner efficiencies; inbound freight accrual

                Download: Oswald, Ryan - The Journey ConAgra OTM Implementation.pdf


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                  Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                  Title: Integrated Solution for Fleet and Driver Management for Shippers with own fleet

                  Speaker: Neelakandan Sharma, KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd

                  The paper describes our experience in implementing OTM and specifically Fleet Management module to manage fleet and driver requirements in an integrated environment viz. tight coupling with EBS R12 and hand-held terminals. The fleet management in this case was implemented for a shipper with own fleet of reefer vans and flatbed tractor-trailers. The drivers are also employees of the company. The shipper has implemented EBS R12 and OTM is integrated for managing following flows:
                  • Driver master updates from EBS HRMS to OTM
                  • Deliveries from EBS to OTM to plan into Consolidated and Multi-stop shipments
                  • Driver and Equipment assignment
                  • Driver advance from OTM to EBS
                  • Tracking fleet from fleet hub to pick-up to delivery and back to fleet hub
                  • Update of equipment capacity using hand-held terminals
                  • Driver penalty and incentive calculation

                  The paper will describe the challenges faced due to local laws and specific requirements and how they were overcome.

                  OTM Version: 6.2.3
                  Modules used: Core Modules, Fleet Management
                  Integration of OTM with: EBS R12, HRMS, Hand-Held Terminals

                  Download: Sharma, Neelakandan - Integrated Solution for Fleet and Driver Management.pdf


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                    Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                    Title: Automating OTM Data Management processes using Python

                    Speaker: Eric Rosenbloom, Oracle Consulting

                    This technically focused talk will focus on how to take full advantage of the Python utilities that ship with OTM. Attendees will learn how to automate the process of uploading and downloading multiple data files between a laptop and a remote OTM instance. Examples include: automated rate data management, and inter-OTM-instance data synchronization.

                    Download: Rosenbloom, Eric - Automating OTM Data Management Processes.pdf


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                      Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                      Title: Restricted Party Screening in GTM – How to configure RPS to meet unique client requirements

                      Speaker: Andrew Shang, Oracle Consulting

                      Oracle Global Trade Management is a new product built on top of Oracle Transportation Management. Restricted Party Screening is an important functionality as part of Global Trade Management. GTM provides flexibility in configuring the Restricted Party Screening Engine unlike other Global Trade Products and can help in reducing the false positive hit rates while performing Restricted Party Screening. During implementation, different clients may have very different requirements and the way they store trading parties can be totally different. Hence the final solution varies. In this session you will be introduced to the configuration that needs to be done to get the Restricted Party Screening functionality working. You will be introduced to various real life client scenarios and how Restricted Party Screening have been configured to meet those requirements.

                      Download: Shang, Andrew - Restricted Party Screening in GTM.pdf


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                        Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                        Title: How to ship more with less by using 3-D and ERUs

                        Speaker: Al Drummond, Oracle

                        Each participant has a different scenario and different requirements. For example, there is an ERU solution for France that shows how OTM is able to handle the rating of shipments by Load Meters.

                        Download: Drummond, Al - Ship More with Less Using 3-D adn ERUs.pdf


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                          Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                          Title: 6.2 Upgrade Using The Fast Lane How USS upgraded OTM in less than 6 hours

                          Speaker: Janice Gottlieb, Tennin Systems, Inc

                          At US Steel, we recently did a very successful OTM upgrade from to 6.2.3. Not only was the upgrade successful, but we managed to do the PROD upgrade in less than 6 hours. This was a fourfold increase over our initial upgrade attempts. We would like to share with the SIG group our experiences and the techniques that we employed to speed the process and decrease our outage time.

                          Some of the points we would like to present are as follows:
                          • Short project time frame: 6 month process from start in DEV to completion in PROD. Not only was it a 4+ release upgrade but also a change in platform (AIX to Linux), app server (websphere to weblogic) non-scaled to scaled environment (2 app servers ) and new hardware as well.
                          • Assembling the team. Get the right personnel with the right skills.
                          • Integration issues and how we overcame them. Integration testing techniques that we found helpful.
                          • Purging before the upgrade. Time saved when purging.
                          • Staging the upgrade. Separating the software upgrade from the database upgrade.
                          • Indexing to speed the db upgrade process
                          • Partitioning the process to move tenders to a new partition.
                          • Partitioning the gather stats process.
                          • Scripting all USS changes.
                          • The need to practice the upgrade process until it is clean (error/free)
                          • Partnering with Oracle Support
                          • Post-Upgrade issues and user reaction good/bad.

                          Download: Gottlieb, Janice - 6.2 Upgrade Using the Fast Lane.pdf


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                            Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                            Title: Best Practices & learning from Implementing OTM in LATAM

                            Speaker: Amlendu Shekhar/Kamal Gupta, Satyam Computer Services Ltd.

                            Implementing OTM in LATAM differs from other geographies not only from fiscal / financial processes, but also in operational processes. This session draws learning and experience from implementing OTM for one of the large 3PLs and a large CPG company in Brazil and Argentina respectively. From fiscal perspective, the session would speak about solution that handles Brazil taxes, carrier payments and customer billing leveraging OTM and an extension ‘OTM FORCE'. Operationally, some of the scenarios configured in OTM are typical for managing costs and risks in emerging economies. The use cases covered also include managing Redelivery/return freight cost, cost management/allocation of dedicated fleet and approval workflows for rates and costs.

                            Download: Pamighantam, Sudheer - OTM in LATAM.pdf


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                              Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                              Title: Container Management using OTM

                              Speaker: Hrishikesh Mhatre, KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd

                              (Description not available.)

                              Download: Mhatre, Hrishikesh - Container Management Using OTM.pdf


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                                Re: OTM SIG User Conference 2012: Presentations

                                Title: Real World Performance Benchmarking

                                Speaker: Paul Hamill, Oracle

                                (Description not available.)

                                Download: Hamill, Paul - Real World Performance Benchmarking.pdf