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OTM SIG User Conference 2017: Presentations

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    Uberization of OTM
    Indraneel Chakraborty, KPIT

    In most cities, the transportation industry works on an adhoc basis. Currently the shippers/3PL/4PL are not able to make decisions for selection of carriers based on the availability of fleet around the plant, warehouse, customer location etc. There is a huge amount of delay as carriers do not provide the service on time due to non-availability of fleet even after the order is booked. Shippers or 3PL/4PL parties should have the ability to check for the available carriers fleets around the plant, warehouse or customer location before booking the carrier. This can be achieved by digitizing the carrier's fleets and making the data available within OTM during the tendering and carrier selection.

    Presentation material is currently being reviewed for approval (C17U-30)


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      How to Extend OTM with GTM to Ensure You Never Fly Con Air
      Dan Schoerner, Oracle
      Carol Ann Roke, Oracle

      This session will help you learn trade compliance fundamentals and how to leverage Oracle Global Trade Management to extend the capabilities of Oracle Transportation Management to ensure that your business is reducing operational and compliance risk, complying with applicable international trade laws, and saving money through the self-filing of customs and security declarations.

      Presentation material is currently being reviewed for approval (C17U-31)


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        "Service Provider" Friendly OTM
        Rajiv Jegannathan, The Wonderful Company

        This presentation will walk through how OTM and OTM Service provider portal can be setup to increase overall user experience and productivity for Planner, Service provider and Freight pay auditor user roles.

        How OTM can be a value add for not just the shippers but also to their service providers.
        We will walk through how we can automate various setups involved in on-boarding service provider in Oracle EBS/OTM
        How Wonderful benefited by setting up the right tolerance and approval rules and achieved significantly high auto approval of EDI invoices. Auto approval means on-time payment to the carrier!
        How to leverage OTM Service provider portal to make it a self-service for service provider instead of multiple emails/calls to planners? Service provider might reach out to planner for several details, most of which can be made available in OTM Service provider portal/OTM Mobile App.
        Ensure service provider has all the required information so that they don't miss any pickups in case of consolidation/multi-stops and ensure they deliver on time.

        We will also discuss and put forth our recommendation on how to make OTM Service provider portal even better with few enhancements.
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          High Volume Parcel Settlement with OTM Cloud
          Devang Pandya, Inspirage / New Avon

          New Avon and Inspirage will describe how they migrated from on-prem to the OTM cloud, and re-engineered their parcel freight settlement process in an OTM cloud compatible manner. The team will present an overview of the project and then drill-down into details regarding the solution for managing a high*volume match/pay parcel settlement process.
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            Gasoline and Fuel Delivery Using OTM Bulk Functionality
            Albert Drummond, Oracle Development

            This new capability to be able to dedicate equipment or compartments such as in bulk tanker trucks to specific chemicals or commodities opens the door to solve delivery problems that we not possible before. After working with a customer who delivers chemicals on equipment with dedicated tankers, it was decided to make this new improvement. Not only is it applicable to liquid delivery, the changes were designed to vastly simplify the ability to dedicate equipment to specific uses. This is a game changer... very simple... and very effective.

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              OTM's Visibility Power Leveraged with Integrated Digital Tracking Solutions
              Antti Ilovuori, UPM

              The rise of mobile applications continues to transform the landscape to an always-on network of connected devices, extending its reach even into the cab of the truck. But what are the best options for shippers already using OTM to harness mobility and leverage OTM's visibility power. A global leader in renewable bio and forest industries, UPM needed integrated mobile solutions to communicate with its network of more than 300 carriers for shipment visibility and proof of delivery. Transparent access to real time tracking events is distributed from OTM through UPM system landscape. This case study session will illustrate UPM's gains in customer service and logistics via real time tracking.
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