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    Cost Savings using OTM Carrier Sourcing and integrated ERP Agnostic Logistics Solution

    Scott Kear, Tate & Lyle

    Reduce cost and time using OTM Sourcing and native rate maintenance tool
    Cost savings through leveraging existing integration platform for an ERP Agnostic End-to-end logistics Solution enabling improved visibility
    - SAP ERP integrated with OTM using SAP native integration platform
    - Carrier connectivity through Justransform EDI Platform
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      Freight Estimate and Optimization using OTM

      Sree Guru Sankaran, Cisco Systems, and Rohan Teotia, Infosys

      Cisco Systems as worldwide leader in networking for the internet, champions customer focus across length, breadth and depth of its product portfolio. All of Cisco's business functions right from product management, supply chain management till customer relationship management strive to provide maximium choice and convenience to their end customers.
      During FY18, Cisco decided to provide visibility to their customers to estimated freight and services, without compromising cost accuracy while placing orders. The solution involved leveraging Oracle Transporation Management's Rate Inquiry capability by developing data flow/integration across Oracle E-Business Suite's Shipping and Manufacturing modules and Cisco's proprietery Commerce Workbench.
      Oracle Transporation Management's industry best rating capabilities enabled the customers to receive precise freight estimates right at the time of order entry. Quotes/estimates are calculated based on customized rates for strategic as well as generic rates for tiers of regular customers. Cisco has also been able to provide freight insurance, product grouping and other value added logistics services as part of freight estimates from Oracle Transporation Management.
      With successful implementation of Freight Estimation Solution, Cisco has been able to maintain their distinct competitive advantage by being able to deliver their best-in-class products to customers at a estimate/quote that is final becomes the basis for freight settlement.
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        Intercontinental Shipment Planning with Network Routing

        Brian Hamrock, General Motors

        General Motors currently does not use a tactical/operational Planning engine for its Intercontinental Planning operation
        Going forward, GM will be using OTM Planning Engine for tactical planning for its intercontinental operations
        The project currently uses Network Routing functionality to achieve this goal. The project is still in its development stage
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          Logistics 4.0 - Getting the Extra Value Out of Transport Logistics by Integrating Advanced Optimization Techniques into Decision Processes

          Joachim Koch, Flexis

          Logistics 4.0 - getting the extra value out of transport logistics by integrating advanced optimization techniques into decision processes.
          In the past, the optimization of transport logistics has been highly segmented.
          Where strategic, tactical, and operational planning have been dealt with as distinct and separate entities, companies have suffered from siloized decision-making and a lack of transparency, leading to decisions made on incomplete information.
          Decision-makers must realize that these different planning dimensions actually represent parts of the same whole that need to be interlinked in an integrated planning funnel to avoid bottlenecks, decision-making siloes, and inefficiencies.
          The combination of end-to-end supply chain planning solutions with the operational execution of OTM as strong TMS will allow customers to outperform in their logistics performance..
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            SCM - Logistics Integration Overview

            Marybeth Roberts, Senior Software Architect-Oracle
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              Coming Soon! Managing Trade Agreements with Oracle Global Trade Management

              Daniel Schoerner, Principal Product Strategy Manager-Oracle
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