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OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2019: Presentations

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    Integration and Order Management by Marybeth Roberts (Oracle)

    Attendees will get an overview of the functional flow of OM to OTM to WSH and WMS. Also covered will be an integration flow from EBS with batch orders (greater than 1 shipment) and multi leg. The impact of change management throughout the order lifecycle will be covered, as well as the technical areas of mapping and agent configurations.

    Marybeth Roberts, Sr Software Architect, Oracle
    Marybeth Roberts is Senior Software Architect and is responsible for product architecture design and solution approaches for Oracle OTM and GTM products. She has a key focus on the end to end logistics solutions in the Supply Chain Management product family. Ms. Roberts has 30 years of experience in the transportation management software space. Ms. Roberts was a founder of G-Log (Global Logistics Technologies) acquired by Oracle to be their transportation solution. At G-Log, Ms. Roberts was Vice President of Software Development responsible for the transportation product and design. Prior to founding G-Log, Ms. Roberts was at Manugistics, Inc for 12 years and had the role of Director of Architecture, reporting to the CTO. Ms. Roberts holds a BS in Computer Science from Juniata College.

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      OTM on Cloud 9 by Eric van den Born (Inspirage)

      Do you have intentions to move your OTM solution to the cloud? Do you have concerns, questions, or are you interested in what it takes? Find out how Inspirage has converted a number of customers, small and large, to the cloud. Find out which methodology was followed, how big the impact was, and which benefits customers have achieved.

      Eric van den Born, Sr Director Business Development, Inspirage
      Eric van den Born is Senior Director Business Development at Inspirage. He is a supply chain expert with over twenty years of experience; Eric has worked for various software companies, and consulted for a substantial number of Fortune 500 companies across the world. His expertise ranges from generic stock control, in and outbound logistics into warehousing, demand planning and flow of goods through manufacturing processes as well as all the logistics involving transportation. In previous jobs, he has gained substantial experience with transportation when he worked for G-Log, Oracle and Flo Group. Eric is widower with one son and holds a degree in software engineering as well as an MBA degree specialised in management of technology. His personal interests are sailing and skiing.

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        Logistics Network Modeling by Karl Baker & Cyrille Ancelot (Oracle)

        This session will provide an overview of the new Logistics Network Modeling (LNM) product. The session will focus on LNM's setup, solve and analyze capabilities which have been designed to allow the user to easily create many different simulations and modelling scenarios.

        Karl Baker, VP Logistics Product Development, Oracle
        Karl Baker is the Vice President of Product Management for Oracle's OTM and GTM products. Mr. Baker has over thirty years of experience covering all aspects of the development and delivery of transportation management software; he is responsible for managing the product management, and release content for Oracle's market leading Oracle Transportation Management system (OTM) and Oracle's Global Trade Management system (GTM). Before joining Oracle as part of the G-Log acquisition, Mr. Baker was a co- founder of G-Log. At G-Log Mr. Baker was responsible for all product strategy, product scope, product positioning, and build versus buy decisions. Prior to founding G-Log Mr. Baker was the Program Manager for the Manugistics' Transportation Management (TMS) suite of products. During his eleven years at Manugistics, Mr. Baker was responsible for the release scope, release content, product positioning and quality assurance for all Manugistics transportation management products. Mr. Baker holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Elizabethtown College and an MBA from Drexel University.

        Cyrille Ancelot, Solution Engineer, Oracle
        Mr Cyrille Ancelot is a Solution Engineer for the Oracle Transportation Management solution. Cyrille has over 16 years of experience managing Transportation and Procurement projects across Europe and Asia. He brights together emerging technologies incl. IoT, BlockChain, Adaptive intelligence, Digital assistant with the Oracle Logistics Solutions to inspire Oracle customers. Cyrille has created his YouTube demonstration channel where he is sharing videos that are demonstrating the value of the Oracle Logistics Cloud solutions. His personal interests are spending time with his family and participating in triathlons.

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          Let's talk with each other (SAP & OTM) by Roberto Valdez (Independent Consultant)

          What is SAP and why we need to understand its language: Same word with two different meanings: do you know what is a domain, a report or a transaction? What we need to get from SAP, what we need to send to SAP. Which SAP business objects are relevant for OTM? OTM master or slave for master data? Interface generation in SAP: what is an iDOC and how to create one. How to extract/send information from/to SAP and with what technologies? Examples of interface mapping between SAP and OTM
          Extra Points (HANA): In memory DB; Loading Data in HANA; SAP DW; SAP BI

          Roberto Valdez, Independent Consultant
          OTM/GC3 Consultant since 2004, worked in many project across Europe like UPM in Finland, Electrolux in Belgium, British Telecom in UK, K+N in Luxembourg among others.

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            Integrating OTM with Oracle Content Experience Cloud for Improving Collaboration by Ana Midrigan and Ionut Popa (Oracle)

            Show the Social Panel on the OTM page. Illustrate the benefits of collaboration directly form OTM.
            Setup steps:
            - 1. enable the right proprieties;
            - 2. configure the external system;
            - 1. Create the user;
            - 2. Activate the user;
            Link OTM with CEC

            Ana Midrigan, OTM Solution Consultant, Oracle
            Over 10 years of experience in Transport Logistics. As an educational background she has a Master Degree in Transport Logistics and a Bachelor degree in Transport Engineering. The professional experience reflects her background in Transport Logistics world. She has started as a transport coordinator gaining knowledge around fleet management, how to better optimize the trucks and drivers to maximize their utilization. Then as an Inbound Transport Logistics Organizer in automotive, she understood the importance of visibility of end to end flows, the risk of not having the goods at the right place in the right time and the methodologies of improving the visibility across the supply chain. Further as a Logistics Process Leader gain the helicopter view and understanding of the business processes from the most state of art industry - Automotive. Through this she gained the most valuable experience for understanding processes in logistics and supply chain. Today, as an OTM Solution Consulting she has the great capacity of understanding and illustrating the necessity of using the new technology in transport logistics and how this brings value to the customers. In terms of language she is fluent both in English and French, but also developed good skills on German and Italian.

            Ionut Popa, OTM Solution Consultant, Oracle
            Over 10 years of experience in Transport Logistics. As an educational background he has a Master Degree in Project Management and a Bachelor degree in Transport Engineering. The professional experience reflects his background in Transport Logistics. He started his career in the automotive industry as a transport planner gaining knowledge in end to end operational transportation processes, with a detailed touch on the planning process as he was in charge of managing the exceptions caused by bank holidays and traffic prohibitions for all the flows across Europe. Then, as an inbound supply chain project manager he increased his knowledge in the tactical and strategical logistics management areas. Currently, in the OTM Solution Consulting role, he's able to understand both technical and functional nuances of a transportation management solution, in order to address today's customer needs.

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              An Oracle Cloud Supply Chain solution for luxury furniture logistics - the OTM and OWMS integrated platform in De Girolami by Francesco Zanon (De Girolami) and Renato Baietta (Business Reply)

              De Girolami is an Italian company specialized in the transportation of luxury furniture. De Girolami provides cutting-edge logistic services as an international player, with warehouses in England, Romania, Russia, and partnerships for global forwarding in USA, Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Australia. With the clear will to support a growing business and an expanding international presence, De Girolami teamed up with Reply to migrate all operations on a cloud-based platform with the best-in-class Supply Chain Oracle applications OTM and OWMS. In order to enable a complete interaction between OTM, OWMS and a wide range of transportation-specific applications, the project included the implementation of several integrations on ICS platform.

              Francesco Zanon, Controller, De Girolami
              Francesco is the Controller at De Girolami Group, a transportation service provider specialized in luxury furniture distribution all over Europe and Russia. With more than 10 years of experience in De Girolami, Francesco is now also the IT manager of the Group with the responsibility of implementing Oracle OTM. He's working with Reply's team since last year, providing long-time expertise as supervisor of the operational/financial processes and owned technologies. The project now is in the final stage with the go live planned for April. Now he's approaching, with the CEO Mr. Luca Lesignoli, the blockchain technology in the logistic industry.

              Renato Baietta, Senior Consultant, Business Reply
              Renato Baietta is OTM Practice Technical Lead at Business Reply. During his long-term participation in OTM projects, he worked as DBA administrator and Integration solutions architect, and was responsible for several technical implementations such as integrations, SSO, ADF customizations, reporting and printing solutions. In De Girolami project, Renato was responsible for the overall solution design (with a specific focus on OWMS) and the ICS integrations.

              Video will be available shortly
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                Real-Time Visibility and Analytics on Nokia Shipments by Patrick van Merode (Nokia) and Martin Forest (Tive)

                As new 5G networks are being deployed around the world, Nokia supply chains needs to be resilient and adapts to facing challenges to continue shipping equipment orders worldwide to meet customers demand. Patrick Van Merode who is the plant manager at Nokia EU Distribution Center in Tilburg, describes how implementing real-time visibility technology in their supply change help them create a rich dataset of historical transportation and conditions data to get deeper insights in their supply chain. The presentation will describe how OTM enabled a seamless deployment of the visibility technology and how it was implemented at Nokia. We will also present some of the challenges faced during the implementation and how it was resolved. The presentation will also provide an overview of the Tive tracking technology and how it integrates with OTM Logistic clouds.

                Patrick van Merode, Plant Manager European Hub, Nokia
                Patrick van Merode, Plant Manager of Nokia European Hub. Working with Nokia for the last 20 years managing various projects and logistic teams in Nokia supply chains in the Netherlands and Indonesia. Met customer expectations for the most ambitious and challenging roll-out project (3G Swap) that Nokia has ever attempted globally on that moment.

                Martin Forest, VP Technology and Operations, Tive
                Over 20 years in product development from concept to high volume manufacturing in fast-paced, cost sensitive consumer industries. Developed a wide range of high volume reliable IoT products including the first iPhone-connected glucose meter and the Sanofi iBGStar (sold in 35 countries). Holds 15 patents related to wireless technology, low power sensors and user experience.

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                  Cloud Technical Topics and ReST APIs by Mark Hagan and Jim Mooney (Oracle)

                  This session will provide a brief overview of some of the technical features added to the Cloud in recent releases and then provide a deep dive on the changes to the OTM / GTM REST APIs, the features that have been added to REST in recent releases and some coming attractions with REST integration.

                  Jim Mooney, VP Logistics Development, Oracle
                  Mr. Jim Mooney is Vice President of Logistics Development for Oracle, where he is responsible for the development activities around Oracle's transportation management (OTM) and global trade management (GTM) products. Prior to joining Oracle in 2005, Mr. Mooney was a founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log), where he was responsible for product development, support and hosting services. Prior to starting G-Log in 1999, Mr. Mooney worked twelve years at Manugistics where he launched their TMS product.

                  Mark Hagan, Software Architect, Oracle
                  Mark is a Software Architect with 32 years experience in software development and consulting. He joined G-Log in 2001 as Technical Consulting Manager in EMEA and then in 2007, as part of Oracle, returned to software development working predominantly in the Integration related technologies for OTM and GTM. Mark holds a BSc in Mathematical Physics from the University of Edinburgh.

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