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2021 OTM Virtual User Conference Presentations

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  • 2021 OTM Virtual User Conference Presentations

    2021 OTM User Conference Americas

    Dear OTM SIG Community,

    On behalf of the OTM SIG Board and 2021 Conference Planning Committee, we are excited for you to join us for the Virtual OTM SIG Conference. As you know, the conference is scheduled to run in a fully virtual format August 2-5. This year we will be using the Hubilo conference platform to bring you a more enriched conference experience.

    Our organization continues to face a time of many changes due to the pandemic and it’s after-effects, locally and globally. But the world of Supply Chain remains an exciting area providing vital support to the economy. We'll continue to meet and bring inspired people together in forums like this, to ensure our organization continues to deliver the value that it is intended to do.

    We have some exciting topics lined up for the week of August 2, with three sessions each day through August 5. Nothing replaces in-person experience, but I ask each of you to stay engaged throughout this conference by leveraging our conference platform. Please make sure to visit the event page on the OTM SIG website to familiarize yourself with session topics and speakers.

    A special thank you to all the speakers and partners for their continued support.

    Chirag Patel
    OTM SIG Board Chairman

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    Oracle Presents: Oracle Logistics Cloud Product Development Update with Jim Mooney

    This session will cover the latest release information for Transportation and Global Trade, including release dates, support plans, and feature highlights of recent and near term releases, with a focus on some of the technical innovations in our OTM / GTM Cloud.

    Jim Mooney is Vice President of Logistics Development for Oracle, where he is responsible for the development activities around Oracle's transportation management (OTM) and global trade management (GTM) products. Prior to joining Oracle in 2005, Mr. Mooney was a founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log), where he was responsible for product development, support and hosting services. Prior to starting G-Log in 1999, Mr. Mooney worked twelve years at Manugistics where he launched their TMS product.

    Presentation slides: NA SIG - Product Development- Aug 2021 v4p.pdf

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      GM Presents: Innards of Transmission Processing/Re-processing in SCA Environment

      The presentation will explain every step of transmission process in OTM, demonstrate various likely points of failure and robust options to work past failure points.

      Ram Narayan Singh: I have been in logistics software developer from deep in the dungeon programmer to architecting solutions. The slant has been more on the technical side. The work has taken me to all continents except Arctic and Antarctica. These two too cold for me anyway Currently I am with General Motors for some 5+ years in Global Purchasing & Supply Chain (GPSC) domain. OTM is part of a host of other applications that GM uses to manage its sprawling business spread across the globe.

      Presentation slides: Innards of Transmission Processing (2).pdf

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        Starbucks/Loadsmart Presents: How Starbucks Built Efficiency Into OTM to Further Sustainability Initiatives

        In January 2020, Starbucks announced a commitment to pursue a bold, multi-decade aspiration to become resource positive. With the announcement, Starbucks introduced three preliminary targets, including a 50% reduction in carbon emissions in direct operations and supply chain by 2030. To accomplish this, the logistics team laid the groundwork for control and visibility with a massive four-year project that built efficiency into systems and processes and brought 100% of domestic freight sourcing in-house.

        Ruchir Srivastava, Global Supply Chain Manager at Starbucks
        Shannon Boyd, Sr Manager Transportation Systems at Starbucks
        Timothy Evans, VP of Sales at Loadsmart
        Adrienne Burke-Moran, Marketing at Loadsmart

        Presentation slides: OTM_SIG_Starbucks_Loadsmart_Final.pdf

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          FourKites Presents: How Canfor is Improving Supply Chain Performance with Multimodal Visibility from FourKites

          As part of its initiative to digitize and modernize its supply chain, Canfor — one of the world’s largest producers of sustainable lumber, pulp and paper — determined a need for end-to-end visibility into shipments and partnered with FourKites. In this session, learn how Canfor operationalized FourKites for maximum value, hear the benefits shippers can derive from real-time visibility, and see FourKites integrates with OTM and other supply chain technologies.

          Sid Arya: Sid is a senior technology leader with over two decades of leadership roles in consulting and industry. Sid has extensive international experience serving large industrial manufacturing, and consumer product businesses such as Canfor, Johnson & Johnson and Fonterra, Invacare. Throughout his career Sid has led several technology programs including those focused on digital transformation, integrations of acquisitions, standardizing application footprint, cloud deployments and various application upgrades. As Canfor's Senior Director of Enterprise Systems, he has been involved with the company’s largest digital transformation project for an enterprise-wide automation of resource planning from financial management, accounting, supply chain management to procurement.

          Peter Yost: Peter is the Senior Director of Strategic Alliances for FourKites, a company providing global shipment visibility over the roads, rails and seas. In his role, he works with the company’s alliance partners to position the company’s products with large shippers and 3PLs. Prior to joining FourKites, Peter was responsible for the global partner program at Kewill, now called BluJay Solutions. Prior to that, Peter was responsible for all marketing and partner programs at MercuryGate International and had a similar role at Descartes prior to that. Peter lives and works out of Atlanta, GA where he lives with his wife of 32 years and 2 sons.

          Presentation slides: Canfor + FourKites OTM - Final.pdf


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            Oracle Presents: Oracle Logistics Cloud Product Roadmap

            Disruptions require supply chain managers to be vigilant and innovative as they strive to improve the performance levels of their logistics operations. New products and business models, changes in trade regulations, and fluctuations in logistics costs are just a few examples of these disruptive forces. Oracle Cloud Logistics enables your organization to digitize and optimize your supply chain execution processes, which in turn delivers increased perfect order performance, lower supply chain costs, and improved supply chain resiliency. This session provides an overview of Oracle's transportation management and global trade management offerings and product roadmap insights. Come learn about advances to existing capabilities and expansion into new areas such as machine learning based arrival time predictions, IoT-enabled intelligent visibility, transportation capacity planning, preferential trade agreements, and much more.

            Derek Gittoes is vice president for supply chain management product strategy and leads the team responsible for Oracle’s portfolio of cloud products for logistics and order management. He is responsible for defining the go-to-market strategy and product road map for Oracle's solutions in transportation management, inventory management, warehouse management, global trade management, and order management. Gittoes has 25 years of experience in supply chain software. Prior to joining Oracle in 2003, he was vice president of product solutions at G-Log, where he was responsible for product marketing. Gittoes was also a founder and managing director of Transport Dynamics, a company that specialized in the development of optimization software for transportation companies. Gittoes holds an MS in engineering from Princeton University and a BS in industrial engineering from the University of Manitoba.

            Presentation slides:


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              Western Digital Presents: We Care Clean Air

              As part of Western Digital’s Supply chain of the future and Sustainability roadmap, WD Logistics is developing a Sustainability Calculator. Using Always on Analytics and Adaptive fulfillment, business decisions and sustainability efforts will be integrated as one. Logistics data analysis will be accompanied by greenhouse gas emissions impact and serve as an input for determining the best transportation strategy. This will support Logistics and various other operations within the company to assess and reduce ecological impact.

              Mahek Oberai: Mahek is an Industrial Engineer with Western Digital's Supply Chain Group. She received her Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. As a sustainability enthusiast it has been her goal to use Supply Chain Operations to drive improvement for the environment as well as the business. She is a part of the Operations Rotation Engineer (ORE) Program at Western Digital. Over the past year she has been working with the company's Global Logistics Center of Excellence to build an emissions calculator using the Oracle transport management system (OTM). She has collaborated with internal and external subject matter experts on guidance and methodology validation.

              Vamshi Mowgili

              Presentation slides: OTM SIG_We Care Clean Air_MO (1).pdf

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                Oracle Presents: OTM Machine Learning

                In Update 21A, Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Cloud is enhanced with the ability to provide Machine Learning-based shipment transit time predictions. Leveraging the rich shipment histories in OTM, this capability identifies shipments truly-at-risk and provides customers with accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) predictions. Join this session to learn about this capability and watch a product demonstration.

                Srini Rajagopal is Senior Director, Logistics Product Strategy at Oracle. He has responsibility for the team that leads the strategy for Oracle Transportation Management and Global Trade Management. Srini was part of the G-Log team and came to Oracle in 2005 as part of the G-Log acquisition.

                Evelyn Mei is a Senior Product Strategy Manager for OTM-GTM Cloud. She contributed to the development of the Digital Assistant and Machine Learning capabilities of OTM. Prior to Oracle, she was a graduate student at Stanford University.

                Presentation slides: US SIG - Logistics Machine Learning Overview (1).pdf

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                  KSAP/Trane/Cisco Presents: How OTM Customers Have Reacted to a Pandemic

                  Many companies have never been impacted by a Pandemic before that shut down the economy. Learn how OTM Customers reacted to the Pandemic in 2020. Whether it's working remote, reduction in the availability of goods, or challenges with constrained budgets hear real stories about how companies have overcome these obstacles. OTM Customers will also share how they have taken these lessons learned and applied them to future goals and plans as we move into the second half of 2021.

                  Sam Levin: Hi Everyone, I am Sam Levin and I have over 20 years of experience working in the Oracle Transportation Management space. I started at G-Log in early 2000 and stayed on through the Oracle acquisition in 2005. I went on to work for a Freight Forwarder assisting in designing their entire supply chain technology solutions. Then in 2006, in partnership with one other formed MavenWire. Since then I has had the opportunity to work with some of the brightest people in the industry to help design complex logistics solutions for small companies to fortune 500 companies. I currently works with KSAP Technologies guiding the team to new heights.

                  Kevin Franklin, Sr. Manager at Cisco Systems Inc.
                  Joe Johnson, Senior Manager, IT at Trane Technologies


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                    Land O' Lakes Presents: Leverage Out of the Box OTM Functionality: How LOL Business Users Configured and Implemented a Spot Bid Process

                    Analysis/Introduction • How did the subject come up? • What is it? • Can we configure it with our access? • Is there related functionality? • Will it work with our business processes? Configuration - • Step by step specifics • What we changed in OTM Rollout Plan - • Rollout Phases • Test with X number of Carriers • Test with X number of users • Feedback Loops Carrier Engagement - • How did we engage carriers and who managed communication? • What training/documentation did we provide? • Assumptions (all in rates, etc.) User Training - • How did we train users? • Documentation • Which users were included Carrier/User Adoption • Improvements we saw • Questions or feedback once live Lessons Learned- • Queries needed to monitor bids • Additional fields needed on email notification (freeze protect, tanker endorsement, etc) Next Steps - • Additional automation-API connection • Enhancements to Spot Bid Tender Email Notification

                    Carrie Conrad, Transportation Systems Analyst at Land O'Lakes: Carrie Conrad has been with Land O'Lakes for 3 years and is currently a Transportation Systems Analyst. She started as a Transportation Planner building a foundation of transportation knowledge before moving into the systems role two years ago. In her current role she been involved with the Logistics Cloud transition, daily OTM user support, and FourKites. Carrie graduated from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management with a Bachelors Degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management.

                    Adam Cloues, Transportation Systems Manager at Land O'Lakes, Inc: Adam Cloues has been with Land O'Lakes, Inc. for 14 years, and he has had the opportunity to explore and refine his knowledge through many facets, including: Raw Material Planning, Transportation Planning, Strategic Analytics, and most recently the Transportation Systems Manager. Through Adam’s tactful and strategic imperatives, he has enabled the supply chain to accurately report detailed KPI’s, proactively monitor operating authority risk, leverage both carrier and customer service levels, and implement multiple value-added upgrades of the OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) platform. Adam graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Economics.

                    Presentation slides: ed a Spot Bid Process (1).pdf

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                      Flo Group Presents: Build on the best. Extending OTM with Oracle PaaS. A story of our experience building a Yard Shunt Management System

                      This session explores our recent experience developing a Yard Shunt Management System in Oracle PaaS and integrating this with OTM to provide end-to-end visibility of transport movements to and from the warehouse. This session has two key threads: • Lessons in the technical architecture between OTM and Oracle PaaS • Functional process view of a Yard Shunt Management Solution that maximises core OTM We will share our learnings from integrating OTM Cloud with Oracle PaaS to extend core-OTM functionality. We will discuss how design principles were used to ensure optimal use of standard OTM and avoid unnecessary code.

                      Marco Koenders, OTM Solution Architect at Flo Group: Over 15 years experience with International European Transportation companies holding various senior operational and managerial positions. More than 20 years experience delivering OTM projects for large and complex multi-national organisations. Adept at working with IT and business leaders to ensure optimal outcomes. Experienced solution architect, agile practitioner and project manager. Able to ensure ensure all processes, procedures, projects and applications will be compliant, aligned and fully integrated with the business strategy, business models and requirements.

                      Presentation slides: OTM_FLO Group SIG AUG 2021-8-5 Paas Shunt Management V1 -Customer Neutral Version.pdf

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                        Dow and Inspirage Presents: Logistics Network Modeling at Dow

                        We will describe how Dow uses Logistics Network Modeling to make strategic decisions about how to make more effective use of OTM based on analysis of historical data. For example: Dow used LMN to decide where it would make sense to build multi-pickup shipments.

                        Laura Wilkinson, Sr. Business Process Manager at Dow Chemical: Started my career in 1989 as a Chemical Engineer for Rohm and Haas Company. Worked on implementing Transportation Management systems since 2000 in the areas of load consolidation and freight payment. I currently manage OTM for Dow, responsible for the areas of carrier selection and routing, freight rating and accruals, load consolidation, freight payment and visibility.

                        Eric Rosenbloom, Senior Director at Inspirage: Eric Rosenbloom is one of the original developers of OTM. Eric started with GLog back in 1999 and helped develop GLog thru 2005 when Oracle acquired GLog. Eric has been part of the OTM consulting community since 2005.

                        Presentation Slides: LNM-Dow-Inspirage-2021-Aug-04-Final.pdf

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                          Accelalpha Presents: Streamline Customs Filing around the world with GTM

                          Every organization needs to ensure that their international shipments comply with the Trade regulations around the world, the best way to approach it is by maintaining accurate data. More and more countries are shifting to gather data electronically in order for companies to perform imports and exports more effectively, making data accuracy and process automation even more necessary. A comprehensive trade solution is a critical component in enabling the required process standardization and data transmission. Join us to find out how Oracle GTM can be enabled in different countries around the world, supporting operations within different Customs Authorities and providing a scalable solution for future rollouts globally.

                          Claudia Loranca is a Solutions Architect for Accelalpha, she has been working with Oracle GTM for the past four years. Prior to joining Accelalpha, she was working on Management consulting for Supply Chain and Trade & Customs where she help customers standardized processes in line with Trade Compliance regulations.

                          Presentation slides: OTM Sig 2021 - Streamline Customs Filing around the world with GTM Final 0719.pdf

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