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OTM SIG User Conference 2021 APAC: Presentations and Videos

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  • OTM SIG User Conference 2021 APAC: Presentations and Videos

    The OTM SIG Board proudly organises an online OTM User Conference on 22-24 September 2021 for the APAC region. Key representatives from OTM Strategy and Development will participate to this conference, and various partners in OTM’s ecosystem will sponsor. This conference is an addition to the yearly OTM conferences in America and Europe.

    The event is designed to bring together users and potential users of the Oracle Logistics software (OTM, GTM, OCWMS) to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. This event will be the perfect place to find answers to your questions, connect with Oracle representatives and collaborate on ideas for future upgrades. We also have many partners who have come together to help make this opportunity possible, all at no cost to you.

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    Juma Al Majid’s (JAM) Logistics Transformational Journey through implementation of OTM/GTM & IoT Fleet Monitoring

    - Shaik Abdullah, Director IT Solutions, Juma Al Majid Group
    - Shreenivasan Sukumar, Senior Principal Consultant, Oracle
    Abstract: Juma Al Majid Group is one of the UAE's most successful and reputable conglomerate groups. Group is comprised of around 33 companies with 150 branches across the UAE and GCC engaged in diversified business-like Shared Services, General Trading, Machinery and Equipment’s, Automotive Dealership, FMCG Divisions, Contracting & Services. To overcome the business challenges in the logistics processes like manual Excel based Transportation Operations, lack of visibility of fleet movement & utilization, and Cost Allocation between BUs for inbound operations. The group chose Oracle Cloud as strategic platform to modernize its business and embarked on a transformation journey to implement Logistics Management Solution with Oracle Consulting. OTM / GTM was implemented across 21 BUs for our Inbound (Import /Local) Logistics and Outbound (Local/Export) Logistics. In addition, developed multiple custom integrations with Oracle eBusiness Suite and Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring. We intend to present our business scenarios, challenges faced and how we resolved them using OTM / GTM & IoT Fleet Monitoring.
    Shaik Abdullah is the Director - IT Solutions with Juma Al Majid Group. He has overall 20 years of experience in ERP and Supply Chain solutions mainly with Oracle applications. He has recently led the JAM Logistics Transformation initiative with Fusion OTM, GTM & IOT. He leads the applications team who are responsible for solution deployment on top of Oracle EBS and Fusion.
    Shreenivasan Sukumar is working as Senior Principal Consultant in Oracle Consulting Solution Center. He has overall 15+ years of experience in logistics domain with 12+ years of experience in Oracle Transportation Management implementation and Support.

    Presentation slides: C21A-01 Juma Al Majid’s (JAM) Logistics Transformational Journey through implementation of OTM, GTM & IoT Fleet Monitoring.pdf
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      Oracle Logistics Cloud Product Strategy Update

      : Derek Gittoes, Vice President, SCM Product Strategy, Oracle
      Abstract: Disruptions require supply chain managers to be vigilant and innovative as they strive to improve the performance levels of their logistics operations. New products and business models, changes in trade regulations, and fluctuations in logistics costs are just a few examples of these disruptive forces. Oracle Cloud Logistics enables your organization to digitize and optimize your supply chain execution processes, which in turn delivers increased perfect order performance, lower supply chain costs, and improved supply chain resiliency. This session provides an overview of Oracle's transportation management and global trade management offerings and product roadmap insights. Come learn about advances to existing capabilities and expansion into new areas such as machine learning based arrival time predictions, IoT-enabled intelligent visibility, transportation capacity planning, preferential trade agreements, and much more.
      Derek Gittoes is vice president for supply chain management product strategy and leads the team responsible for Oracle’s portfolio of cloud products for logistics and order management. He is responsible for defining the go-to-market strategy and product road map for Oracle's solutions in transportation management, inventory management, warehouse management, global trade management, and order management. Mr. Gittoes has 25 years of experience in supply chain software. Prior to joining Oracle in 2003, he was vice president of product solutions at G-Log, where he was responsible for product marketing. Mr. Gittoes was also a founder and managing director of Transport Dynamics, a company that specialized in the development of optimization software for transportation companies. Mr. Gittoes holds an MS in engineering from Princeton University and a BS in industrial engineering from the University of Manitoba.

      Presentation slides: C21A-02 Oracle Logistics Cloud Product Strategy Update.pdf
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        Transportation Financial Management for Flow Progressive Logistics

        - Anand Muthusamy, Practice Manager, ITOrizon
        - Arun Surendran, Practice Manager, ITOrizon
        Abstract: Flow Progressive Logistics (Flow PL) is a leading supply chain solutions business, providing high quality end-to-end supply chain management and operations across Saudi Arabia and Gulf region. Prior to the implementation of OTM Cloud and Oracle Financials Cloud Integration via SOA, their Financials were managed manually by entering the AP and AR invoice cost detail on the Oracle Financials cloud application with huge efforts involved in manual calculations with different grouping logics for multiple business process. We will take a look at how Flow PL are now efficiently managing their complex Financial process without any hassle by using the OTM Cloud Solution using Financial Module on Invoicing and Billing process with a grouping logic covering multiple business lines and how seamless it is connected to Oracle Financial Cloud via SOA. This presentation will highlight the OTM features that were utilized by Flow PL to achieve the significant enhancement through connected workflows between applications and also to reduce the human errors on the Financial process based on our end-to-end solution of automatic invoice/bill creation using OTM capability.
        Anand Muthusamy is Practice Manager OTM at ITOrizon and leads their India practice. He is an experienced professional with over 11 years of experience in implementing multiple OTM solutions with key focus on the Middle East implementations.
        Arun Surendran is Practice Manager OTM at ITOrizon and leads their India practice. He is an experienced professional with over 11 years of experience in implementing multiple OTM solutions.

        Presentation slides: C21A-03 Transportation Financial Management for Flow Progressive Logistics.pdf
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          Transformational journey of a Leading International Freight Forwarder using OTM and PaaS Solutions

          - Rajeev Pillai, Consulting Technical Manager, Oracle,
          - Vijay Gonnagar, Senior Principal Consultant, Oracle.
          Abstract: Freight Forwarders are entities that primarily provides Ocean and Air Freight services based on agreed Delivery terms. In addition, they also provide value added services (by self or other agents/service providers) that offers e2e integrated services to their customers e.g. local transportation, consolidation, document preparation and customs clearance, storage etc. The presentation illustrates how OTM Cloud provides the platform and configurability to allow it to be the Freight Forwarders’ central global operational system. The availability of this type of Single Global System delivers Operational Efficiency and Data Accuracy, and Cost reduction through increased network visibility. We intend to present the business scenarios and the use cases supported by the solution, including a demo of the application.
          Rajeev has over 18 years of work experience which includes 11 years in IT consulting and software product engineering in logistics domain and 7 years of management and Logistics Industry experience. He is a supply chain domain expert having hands-on expertise in Shipping and Logistics operations, Transportation, Maritime, Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Customs, Coastal Shipping, Flexi-liners tubes, Fleet Management, Hub/Spoke parcel operations, Bulk operations.
          Vijay has 22 years of work experience which includes 15 years in IT consulting and software product engineering in logistics domain and 7 years in management and operations of transportation, warehousing, cross border ocean transportation (Import, Export, Customs Process) & Logistics Operations. He is a supply chain domain expert having hands-on expertise in International Freight Forwarding, Ocean Operations, Sea Port Operations, Customs Process, Domestic Transportation (Road/Rail) and Fleet Management.

          Presentation slides: C21A-04 Transformational journey of a Leading International Freight Forwarder using OTM and PaaS Solutions.pdf
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            Oracle Logistics Cloud - OTM/GTM Release 21C Overview

            - Ashok Kalidindi, Director Product Development, Oracle
            - Pratik Mittal, Senior Manager, Product Development, Oracle
            Abstract: This session will cover the latest OTM/GTM Release 21C functional and technical innovations in our Oracle Logistics Cloud (OTM/GTM). Join us to learn more about advances to existing capabilities and expansion into new areas like international shipping, trade agreements, REST and many more.
            Ashok Kalidindi is Director, Product Development and leads the teams responsible for Oracle Logistics Cloud product. Mr. Kalidindi is responsible for research and development in the areas of Transportation Rating, Execution, Financials, Brokerage and Freight Forwarding, Tracking Events, Technical & Cloud Infrastructure, Integration and Global Trade Management. Mr. Kalidindi has more than 23 years of experience in ERP and SCM software industry with expertise in product development, engineering, and support. Mr. Kalidindi holds a Master of Technology in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.
            Pratik Mittal is Senior Manager, Product Development and leads the team responsible for Oracle Logistics Cloud. Mr. Mittal is responsible for research and development in the areas of Tending, Dock Scheduling and Order Management. Mr. Mittal has more than 14 years of experience in SCM software industry. Mr. Mittal holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering.

            Presentation slides: C21A-05 Oracle Logistics Cloud - Release 21C Overview.pdf
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              OTM-WMS integration using OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud)

              : Manikandan Thangavel, Principal Software Engineer, Oracle
              Abstract: This session will cover the technical and functional details to complete the OTM and WMS transactional flow. We will be discussing below points in detail:
              • Design flow-chart between OTM -> OIC -> WMS
              • Setups required on each module
              • Troubleshooting approach from each module
              • How to install/modify sample integration?
              Manikandan Thangavel is working as Principal Software Engineer at Oracle India Pvt Ltd. He has overall 13+ experience in SCM and Logistics on various Products. Currently, working in Global Customer Support Team to support OTM product Support.

              Presentation slides: C21A-06 OTM-WMS integration using OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud).pdf
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                TMS Light - Operational Orchestration

                - Andy Cooper, Delivery Director, Flo Group
                - Dave Pain, Solution Architect, Flo Group
                Abstract: TMS Light solution is an extension of the Orchestration Concept. We will introduce TMS Light solution as a new approach for delivering benefits with OTM. TMS Light enables organisations to capture their transportation network as currently executed today. Within TMS Light organisations can use Logistics Network Modelling to identify greater optimisation capabilities through further scenario planning. TMS Light will enable organisations to validate their transportation costs through the use of OTM settlement for better financial control.
                Andy Cooper: An experienced programme director and supply chain consultant with over 25 years of experience working with manufacturers, retailers, and logistics organisations, running strategic programmes. Worked across most industries including manufacturing, transport, utilities, defence and retail. Expertise in operational improvements enabled through warehouse and transport systems implementations. Works across all levels of organisations from board level down to the operational shop floor. Experience working in many countries throughout the world including; Russia, China, USA, Most of Europe, Saudi Arabia and more. Andy is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.
                Dave Pain: An IT professional with wide-ranging experience and understanding of implementing global supply chain solutions, encompassing both business consulting and technical skills. Expertise in business process mapping, solution design, application configuration and functional specification for custom development, proven at both a strategic and operational level. Has boldness and vision to initiate new ideas and implement innovative approaches through the strategic direction. Excellent communication and presentation skills underpinned by an enthusiastic and proactive approach. Has worked on a number of strategic supply chain IT projects for major organisations, including Unilever, Henkel, Schlumberger, UPM, GrowHow, Electrolux, Volvo, Tesco, DHL Logistics and Motorola.

                Presentation slides: C21A-07 TMS Light - Operational Orchestration (Flo Group).pdf
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                  OTM/GTM Cloud 21C: What's new in Analytics & Logistics Machine Learning

                  - Muthurajan Balasubramanian, Director Logistics Product Development, Oracle
                  - Brian Ramos, Product Manager Logistics Product Development, Oracle
                  Abstract: This session offers insight into the new Analytics & Logistics Machine Learning capabilities in OTM-GTM Cloud 21C. Learn how you can now leverage our next generation BI tool set (Oracle Analytics Server) to significantly enhance your Business Intelligence needs and experience. We will also present the innovations recently developed and upcoming in the area of ETA-predicting machine learning.
                  Muthurajan Balasubramanian is a Director of Logistics Product Development at Oracle. Muthurajan has 22+ years of experience in Enterprise Software development, specialising in the Suppy Chain space – Logistics and Supplier Relationship Management. He is responsible for leading, managing and supporting OTM-GTM Product Development at at Oracle India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru. He is passionate over Logistics & Technology and enjoys working closely with Customers in building the next generation OTM Cloud while ensuring Customer success. Muthurajan holds a Post-graduation in Business Management, Jamshedpur and an Engineering Degree.
                  Brian Ramos is a Product Manager in Oracle’s Logistics Product Development organization. With 15+ years of experience in logistics management and supply chain information systems, Brian serves as the Product Owner for OTM-GTM Analytics, Logistics Machine Learning and Logistics Digital Assistant. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics (Messiah University) and a Master of Engineering in Logistics degree (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

                  Presentation slides: C21A-08 Oracle Logistics Cloud 21A - What’s new in Analytics and Machine Learning.pdf
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