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OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

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  • OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

    Here are the presentations from the OTM SIG Conference for Europe 2014.

    I post them up here, in addition to the OTM SIG website, to provide a single place to get all of the presentations, regardless of year - and so that there is also another permanent record of them, just in case anything should ever happen. (We all work with technology - and sometimes the worst happens - it's always better to have a couple copies of important docs!)


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    Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

    Title: OTM Euro Conference Opening

    We, OTM SIG board, are happy to announce the second European OTM User Conference held in Amsterdam. Following on from the success in 2013 of the first event, we’ve gone a long way to bring this conference nearer to a large number of Oracle Transportation Management users in Europe. The annual OTM User Conference in the U.S. is already well established since 2007, attracting an audience of almost 400 people and our event in Europe brings together over 100 users and specialists from across the region. This European conference again connects users from different areas of the business looking at both Transportation Management and Trade Compliance. The collaboration with the VCS widens participation by Oracle and the leading consulting companies in the conference to promote discussion of current issues and opportunities.

    2014 OTM User Conference is the excellent opportunity to bring together users from Europe and Asia Pacific regions to share their knowledge, experience and thoughts. All together we have accumulated many topics we can now discuss in an informal way with other users that we could not reach before.

    Considering your wishes based on the survey we had after the first European conference we have done all our best to make this conference even more comfortable, useful and open to OTM community from all over the regions. We are sure that everyone will find opportunities for networking with other OTM users.

    Besides encouraging OTM user initiatives to share their implementation experiences in the conference sessions, we worked together with Oracle and leading OTM consultancy companies to bring in new interesting presentations and possibility to discuss your hot topics.

    We are happy to see you all in Amsterdam!



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      Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

      Title: OTM Product Development

      Speaker: Jim Mooney (Oracle)

      BIO. Mr. Jim Mooney is Vice President of Logistics Development for Oracle, where he is responsible for the development activities around Oracle's transportation management (OTM) and global trade management (GTM) products. Prior to joining Oracle in 2005, Mr. Mooney was a founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log), where he was responsible for product development, support and hosting services. Prior to starting G-Log in 1999, Mr. Mooney worked twelve years at Manugistics where he launched their TMS product.

      ABSTRACT. This session will provide an overview of the key features provided in the latest release of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Example feature topics include: mobility, network routing, shipunit building, user interface, technology improvements and more. This session will also cover updates to OTM documentation, training and general development updates, including how OTM and GTM Rollups will change in 2014 and beyond.

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        Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

        Title: Cost settlement in OTM at UPM – from manual to no-touch processes

        Speaker: Jere Harju and Antti Vehkala (UPM Kymmene)

        BIO: Jere Harju, Logistics IT Service Owner, UPM Biorefining and Plywood business areas. Jere works for UPM since 2003 in various positions and has been involved in UPM’s OTM implementation project 2007 – 2009. Since 2012 he is in charge of Logistics IT services for Biorefining and Plywood business areas.
        Antti Vehkala, Logistics IT Service Owner, UPM Paper business area. Antti works for UPM since 2002 in various IT positions and has been involved in UPM’s OTM implementation project 2005 – 2009. Since 2012 he is in charge of Logistics IT services in UPM.

        ABSTRACT: Presentation goes through the settlement types used in UPM over the years and how UPM plans to shift volumes from Manual Match and Pay to fully automated processes. It also defines ways of how automation is enabled using 3-way matching and how any expectations are handled. It also goes through the concepts and main steps on the e-Invoice platform implementation in UPM.

        Download: C14E-03-Antti-Ilovuori-Antti-Vehkala-Jere-Harju-Logistics-Cost-Settlement-in-UPM.pdf


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          Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

          Title: Implementing OTM Dock Scheduling

          Speaker: Paolo Magini (Reply Business)

          BIO: Paolo Magini is Manager and OTM Practice Lead at Business Reply. He participated to different OTM implementation projects in Europe, both with functional and technical roles. He is currently OTM Project Manager for CNH Industrial and Fiat Auto Group.

          ABSTRACT: OTM Dock Scheduling functionality allows the optimization of loading and unloading activities at pickup and delivery locations. By sharing a common view of shipment appointments, all parties can contribute to reduce queues, delays and operational costs of the warehouses. Greatest challenges to take into account when implementing Dock Scheduling on OTM 6.2 are low customizability (compared with other OTM functionalities) … and some little product defects. Working in close contact with Oracle Product Support is useful to solve these issues, but strict business deadlines may lead to a requirement revision or to other workaround. The aim of this presentation is to share some real-life experience and lessons learned implementing OTM Dock Scheduling module in different contexts.

          Download: C14E-04-Paolo-Magini-Implementing-OTM-Dock-Scheduling.pdf


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            Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

            Title: OTM Live Tutorial: Freight Management in 50 minutes

            Speaker: Joshua Lim (APL Logistics)

            BIO: Joshua Lim has more than 13 years working experience in both supply chain management and information technology. He has serviced clients from various industries (Electronics, Automotive, Locomotive, Apparel) and has working experience in manufacturing, sales & distribution, freight forwarding, warehouse management and consolidation management. Currently with APL Logistics, Joshua is responsible for business process re-engineering and IT transformation.

            ABSTRACT: The presentation will start with an explanation of the freight management business scenario and a walk-through of the design blue print. Using a live OTM system, the scenario will be set up in OTM, and the functionality will be demonstrated by inquiring the rate and planning transport orders.

            Download: C14E-05-Joshua-Lim-OTM-Live-Tutorial-Freight-Forwarding-in-50-minutes.pdf


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              Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

              Title: OTM Configuration Management

              Speaker: Neil Hatcher (MavenWire)

              BIO: Neil has been delivering complex technical OTM deployments for more than 9 years. He has an operational IT background from DHL prior to joining MavenWire. He has significant knowledge and experience within OTM and has subsequently been the Architect for some of the largest OTM deployments.

              ABSTRACT: Presentation will describe the myriad of activities that are required to keep your OTM application up to date with your business. Your first go live of OTM is relatively easy compared with necessary configuration changes to comply with new business requirements. Keeping several development, test and production systems up to date, support various business process in your global OTM system, managing parallel development tracks and go-lives, and also ensuring that all changes are properly documented and traced, is only possible with good procedures and system support.

              (presentation not yet available)


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                Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

                Title: OTM implementation at IKEA: Pushing the boundaries – multiphase planning process

                Speaker: Asta Lukosiene (IKEA) and Jens Leu (MavenWire)

                BIO: Asta Lukosiene – Deputy Project Manager in OTM implementation project supplying a new transport management solution for IKEA. She has 10 years of experience in logistics field in IKEA. Jens Leu has been involved in implementation of some high visibility global OTM projects over the last 10 years. He has significant knowledge within OTM and is focusing on a functional Solution architect role and implementing strong and efficient planning and optimization solutions.

                ABSTRACT: Presentation will give a brief overview of IKEA Supply Chain and introduction to the OTM implementation project, its scope and objectives.
                The presentation will zoom in on business challenges and solutions to optimize deliveries with balancing availability of products for the customer, delivery cost and sustainability in a business environment defined by high forecast-based volumes, complex logistic network, diverse product dimensions, high focus on equipment utilization and limited carrier capacity.
                The session will cover highly automated multiphase planning process to combine order release and order movement planning, 3D optimization, order priorities with focus on high system performance.

                (presentation available on request)


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                  Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

                  Title: Archiving-Purging in OTM

                  Speaker: Krishna Sabbineni (DHL/Xchanging)

                  BIO: Krishna has been managing OTM (termed as SCI – Supply Chain Integrator Tool developed
                  on OTM) projects for more than 2 years delivering complex solutions to Global customers. Prior to joining DHL, Krishna was working as an architect and project manager with Samsung implementing their European Marketing solutions. With a technical background in various industries, Krishna has worked in various technical fields (Java, .NET, Broadvision, Visual Basic using various RDBMS).

                  ABSTRACT: DGF have implemented an online archiving solution using Oracle’s Golden Gate. Solution allows business to retain data for a long period of time on a different and accessible setup of infrastructure thus allowing easy retrieval of any critical business data without stressing the production environment.

                  Download: C14E-08-Krishna-Sabbineni-Archiving-Purging-in-OTM.pdf


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                    Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

                    Title: Integration of OTM into Lufthansa Techniks outbound processes and sharing of first production experiences

                    Speaker: Sebastian Musch (Lufthansa Technik)

                    BIO: Sebastian Musch is a project manager at Lufthansa Technik AG, Hamburg, department Information Technology and application responsible of OTM since 2011. In 2010 he got a degree (B. Sc.) at the University of applied science in Mittweida.

                    ABSTRACT: After several years of functional specification and implementation Lufthansa Technik rolled out Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) in November 2013.
                    The integration of OTM into the current system landscape – achieved by a complex connection to multiple other systems inter alia the central business process management system – was considered as the main challenge. The incorporation of OTM raises Lufthansa Techniks transport logistics to the next level by enabling the planning and steering of external transport processes over the whole process chain. Thus, OTM empowers Lufthansa Technik to automate the whole outbound process, which includes operative planning, ordering of service providers as well as the preparation of all related freight document information.
                    The first go live was realized at the central distribution center in Frankfurt which is a unique rollout location as it is built to hold the customer promise of performing the whole outbound logistic execution within 15 minutes after receiving the order. This requirement could be fulfilled by the utilization of the different OTM modules and constitutes a unique selling proposition of Lufthansa Technik in transport logistics and airline industry.

                    (presentation not available)


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                      Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

                      Title: Approach to development in OTM projects

                      Speaker: Anastasia Goncharova and Anton Moiseev (CROC)

                      BIO: Anastasia Goncharova – Expert and Head of SCM at CROC. Anastasia has been working as an OTM functional consultant and business consultant since 2007 and has been in logistics since 2003. She has participated in more than five projects of implementing OTM as a Functional Architect. Now she mostly focuses on sales and developing business.
                      Anton Moiseev – Business Application Manager at CROC. Anton has been working as an OTM consultant since 2007 and been an IT consultant since 2005. Anton has great experience in projects of implementing OTM in different companies. He knows how to make the project a success with planned costs. Now Anton is Lead of TMS functional consultants in CROC.

                      ABSTRACT: Usually we use three environments (instances) during development process: Development environment (DEV), Test environment (TEST) and Productive environment (PROD)
                      Approach to development includes several steps:
                      1. Defining functional requirements and preparing list of extensions for release.
                      2. Developing extensions and setups on DEV.
                      3. Creating ‘build’ with the components of extensions.
                      4. Using automatic procedures for transfer ‘build’ to TEST
                      5. Testing: (a) Using automatic test-cases (b) Backup procedure (uses if test-case has generated an error) (c) Additional manual testing (if needed)
                      6. Using automatic procedures for transfer ‘build’ to PROD Advantages of this approach: minimizing risks of critical errors on PROD and reduce time of development and testing for complex releases.

                      Download: C14E-10-Anastasia-Goncharova-and-Anton-Moiseev-Approach-to-development-in-OTM-projects.pdf


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                        Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

                        Title: OTM Product Strategy

                        Speaker: Derek Gittoes (Oracle)

                        BIO: Mr. Derek Gittoes is Vice President, Logistics Product Strategy for Oracle’s Applications Division, where he is responsible for Oracle’s Transportation Management and global trade management products. Prior to joining Oracle in 2003, Mr. Gittoes was Vice President, Product Solutions at Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log), where he was responsible for product marketing. Mr. Gittoes was also a founder and Managing Director of Transport Dynamics, a company that specialized in the development of real-time optimization software for transportation companies. Mr. Gittoes holds a Master of Science in Engineering degree from Princeton University, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Manitoba.

                        ABSTRACT: This session will provide an overview of the go-to-market priorities and road map for Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Example road map topics include: strategic network planning, shipment optimization, fleet management, freight rate management, import/export compliance, and others. This session will also discuss how Oracle works with its customers on future OTM product enhancements.

                        Download: C14E-11-Derek-Gittoes-OTM-Product-Strategy.pdf


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                          Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

                          Title: High-Fidelity Logistics Scenario Management: From Dream to Reality with Oracle In-Memory Logistics Command Center

                          Speaker: Ignas Ponsioen and Derek Gittoes (Oracle)

                          BIO: Ignas Ponsioen is principal sales concultant for Oracle logistics and supply chain solutions (Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, Global Trade Management). He is part of a Western European presales team, supporting Application Sales Representatives in sales campaigns through Western Europe. Mr. Ponsioen is responsible for presentations and demonstrations of the relevant Oracle products and solutions.
                          Mr. Ponsioen has over 20 years of experience in the supply chain and logistics industry spanning software development & design, solution architecture, implementation services and presales activities for software solutions. Prior to joining Oracle in 2007, Mr. Ponsioen has worked at Capgemini as IT consultant in various roles & projects, all related to the logistics and supply chain industry.

                          ABSTRACT: Supply chains and their associated logistics networks are becoming increasingly complex with companies facing business challenges such as globalization, omni-channel commerce, supply chain risk mitigation as well as mergers and acquisitions. In this environment, strategic and operational scenario management is now central to creating a robust, resilient and profitable logistics network. Oracle In-Memory Logistics Command Center (LCC) is a breakthrough solution based on the market leading optimization capabilities of Oracle Transportation Management and the extreme performance of Oracle Engineered Systems. We provide an overview and product demonstration of LCC and show using specific use cases how it enables logistics scenario management with complete detail and accuracy.

                          Download: C14E-12-Ignas-Ponsioen-and-Derek-Gittoes-LCC-Overview-and-Demo.pdf


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                            Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

                            Title: What’s New in GTM 6.3.3 and What’s Next?

                            Speaker: Rosalie Cmelak and Asli Yimenicioglu (Oracle)

                            BIO: As Director of Global Trade Management (GTM) Product Strategy, Rosalie guides the overall vision, go-to-market strategy, and product roadmap for GTM solutions at Oracle. Under Rosalie’s leadership since its inception in 2006, the Oracle GTM solution portfolio has grown to encompass Compliance, Customs and Global Trade Intelligence. Rosalie joined Oracle through the acquisition of PeopleSoft in 2005, where she served in Supply Chain Product Strategy and Marketing roles. Prior to PeopleSoft, Rosalie held various Marketing and Business Development positions at Varsity Logistics, Pyramid/Nextera, and Informix Software.
                            Asli Yimenicioglu is currently a Principal Product Strategy Manager for Oracle Global Trade Management. In this role, she is responsible for key go-to-market initiatives in the areas of Global Import/Procurement, Customs, and Landed Cost Management. Because of her background and physical location, Asli is a critical contributor to the growth and adoption of GTM outside of the US by providing regional and industry requirements for specific Customs special programs used in key emerging markets. She will also help evolve the growing ecosystem of GTM partners in those key regions. Asli is based in Istanbul, Turkey and has been with Oracle since 2011. Prior to Oracle, Asli spent six years in Manufacturing and Logistics companies in a broad range of roles in Supply Chain. Asli is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA Degree specializing in Supply Chain Management and Finance.

                            ABSTRACT: Learn about the latest release of Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM): 6.3.3. This is a very big release for GTM, focused on complexity of global product classification, content expansion, and other strategic business process support for global imports and exports. Hear the current GTM product roadmap plans for future development.

                            Download: C14E-13-Rosalie-Cmelak-and-Asli-Yimenicioglu-Whats-New-in-GTM-6.3.3-and-Whats-Next.pdf


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                              Re: OTM SIG User Conference Europe 2014: Presentations

                              Title: OTM and TRANSPOREON a perfect fit – “plug and play” carrier connectivity how to combine the expertise of both systems

                              Speaker: Marc-Oliver Simon (TRANSPOREON) and Antti Ilovuori (UPM)

                              BIO: Mr. Marc-Oliver Simon is Managing Partner at TRANSPOREON, where he is responsible for strategy and strategic sales. Mr. Simon was co-founder of TRANSPOREON in 2000. He was responsible for finance and sales. In addition Mr. Simon is managing director of TRANSPOREON Sp. z o.o. (Krakow). Prior to starting TRANSPOREON, Mr. Simon studied industrial engineer with stay abroad in Mexico and New Zeeland.
                              Antti Ilovuori has worked for UPM in different logistics and supply chain positions since 1995. He started in his current position as a Logistics Solution Owner in 2009 and has since participated in deployment and development of global Supply Chain organizations in UPM. Before his current position Mr. Ilovuori gained international experience in a global supply chain development program in Belgium. Mr Ilovuori has 15 year’s experience in global trade and logistics from industrial manufacturing.

                              ABSTRACT: Shippers have learned that a professional and state of the art carrier integration is a major success factor for a TMS project. All carriers are integrated, trained and supported in their mother language; the carriers use one portal to be connected with several shippers; this is the basis for a high acceptance of the platform by the carriers. Carriers do not use an OTM Web- interface but the TRANSPOREON platform, which is well known by more than 40.000 carriers all over Europe. The shipper’s staff work in their OTM system. The robust interface between OTM and TRANSPOREON ensures real time synchronization between both systems, e.g. carries book their timeslots in TRANSPOREON and the booking information is transferred into OTM. An OTM shipper can easily be connected to TRANSPOREON (plug and play approach). UPM is connected to more than 300 different carriers via TRANSPOREON.

                              Download: C14E-14-Marc-Oliver-Simon-and-Antti-Ilovuori-OTM-and-TRANSPOREON-a-perfect-fit.pdf