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  • OTM Freight and Parcel Survey


    A member of the community (Fujitsu) has created the following survey to better understand the challenges companies are facing with freight and parcel shipping.

    The survey is 100% anonymous (they're not collecting your contact details) and the results will be reported back to the OTM SIG, so that we can all better understand the community and needs - especially around parcel.

    Please take a moment and complete the survey. I know a couple are floating around right now, but they truly do help.


    Good day OTM SIG Members,

    In the below link, you will find a survey pointed directly at shippers and LSPs with significant freight and parcel operations. Currently, we see many companies' logistics operations using processes, systems, and organizations that are fragmented along freight and parcel lines to manage their transportation.Lots of transportation money and customers are at stake here. The purpose of this survey, therefore, is to capture the business drivers and challenges you face strategically and tactically to in this environment. As we capture these results and present them to you all at the OTM SIG, it will be a terrific initiative to drive solutions in the OTM community, and for the OTM community, to reduce the impact of this freight-parcel fragmentation.

    Here is the url link:

    Finally, the survey is designed explicitly to capture data that will ultimately help drive and prioritize solutions for all of us. Therefore, the survey is 100% anonymous.

    As we look forward to sharing these results with you at the OTM SIG, please do your best to complete the survey at your earliest convenience.

    Many thanks for your support and look forward to seeing everyone at the OTM SIG.