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OTM SIG Survey: OTM v5.5 Support

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  • OTM SIG Survey: OTM v5.5 Support

    The OTM SIG is working in conjunction with Oracle to distribute a survey on OTM v5.5 Support.

    As an OTM user you should be aware that Premier Support for OTM v5.5 ends in November 2010 and you will be required to upgrade to OTM v6.x to continue Premier Support, or move to Extended or Lifetime Support for OTM v5.5. While many companies have upgraded to v6.X to either gain additional new functionality or to avoid the costs of extended support for the 5.5 platform, there are many that have not been able to complete the upgrade to v6.X. As part of the Oracle Application Users Group, the OTM SIG would like your feedback in relation to the current version of OTM that your company is currently running. The purpose of this survey is to provide feedback to Oracle regarding the support of OTM v5.5.

    Below is the link to the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for further clarification:
    For full details and to submit your opinions, you can visit the OTM SIG website here:--Chris