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  • Feedback: OTM SIG User Conference

    Hello all!

    With the OTM SIG User Conference 2007 behind us and officially a success -- we're beginning to prepare for next year's conference!

    If you could take a minute and give us some feedback on this year's conference, it would help us to ensure we do an even better job next time.

    With that said -- what did you like? What didn't you like? What should we improve and what should we keep the same?


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    Re: Feedback: OTM SIG User Conference

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the conference, my feedback is:

    The good:
    - Excellent presentations
    - Great idea to have 2 different tracks
    - Many chances to mingle and interact with other users
    - It was VERY reasonably priced
    - It is great to have all the presentations in an electronic format
    - Chance to meet Oracle people
    - Good idea to have it close to KOP so more Oracle people could attend at least to the events
    - The organization, everything went smoothly
    - Using the forum as a conference information channel
    - Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere

    Could be better:
    - More End User presentations
    - The conference rooms were not big enough

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro B.


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      Re: Feedback: OTM SIG User Conference

      I agree, space was pretty tight at the conference last year and I would expect it would only grow this year. I'd be willing to work on an end-user presentation (if I can only convince Jane and find time!) on our lessons learned implementing OTM with EBS. What's the word on a 2008 conference - any plans in the works yet?


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        Re: Feedback: OTM SIG User Conference


        Yes - it's already in the works and we've been discussing, making arrangements, etc. It is scheduled for August again and I'm sure we'll release more detailed information shortly, so that everyone can set aside time and make plans. From the venues that we're looking at, we'll definitely have more space this time.