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Bug 6903937: CPDiagServlet

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  • Bug 6903937: CPDiagServlet

    While working with several clients, we found that the Connection Pool Diagnostic Servlet (CPDiagServlet) was not accurately reporting the number of DB connections within the OTM DB Connection Pools. Here's the details:

    While troubleshooting performance issues on this server and monitoring it all
    day for several days, I realized that OTM appears to have a logical DB leak
    within the PRIMARY_JTS connection pool.
    Throughout the day, the CPDiagServlet shows the total number of connections
    slowly increasing, starting at 100 and ending around 154 - 170 (it was 154 on
    the day the attached screenshots were created).
    Please refer to the following forum thread for additional information:
    Per Development, this may be a minor bug. But since the growth was in the
    JTS pool, it may be a bug in the container. We can take a look to see if
    we're using the wrong management bean metric.
    We've heard that this will be resolved in OTM v5.5 CU05.