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Remember Me (Saving Userid and Password)

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  • Remember Me (Saving Userid and Password)

    I submitted an Enhancement Request to Oracle asking if they could allow users to save their userid and password on the login screen to OTM. I heard that this was an option in the GLOG days, and that when Oracle rebranded the screens that they removed this option, supposedly for "security" reasons. It seems like it would be nice to have a property that you could set in OTM to allow each deployment of the product to determine whether or not to enable this.

    I heard back from Oracle and they "have determined that this is not in alignment with our product direction".

    It seems like something that would have a larger appeal than just my company. Is this something that anyone else would be interested in having the option to enable this?

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    Re: Remember Me (Saving Userid and Password)

    From online help v5.5 "glog.webserver Properties":


    This determines if the Remember Me check box displays when logging in. To display the check box, set the property to True. The default is false.