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Agent Modifications - Improper Function

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  • Agent Modifications - Improper Function

    Hi All,

    I’m currently experiencing an issue with an agent not firing as expected within PROD. Initial changes were made in DEV with the desired results. After copying the active agent in PROD and transposing additions/alterations, the newly designed agent was activated with a simultaneous deactivation of the former version. Unfortunately, the results were not as expected. I ran various tests within PROD and cannot find the root cause. This particular item deals with updating invoice line items with added accessorial codes/charges/special services. I reverted back to TEST and added an additional accesorial code/cost/special service in the same fashion and found positive results. It seems that the enhancement to the agent in PROD are not being picked up. My next thought would be to create a new agent (no copy of former) while logged in as DBA.ADMIN. If this doesn’t do the trick, I believe a bounce would be in order.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

    Many thanks

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    Scan the logs for the event that should trigger your agent - here you should find the reason why your agent doesn't trigger


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      How did you move the agent to PROD?

      does the deactivated agent still fire?

      It is for these reasons that really you should be running at least a 3 environment strategy for OTM. You have to test the migration also, into a UAT or pre-prod environment.

      Agree with Lourens, you will have to jump into the logs. Search for Agents type (make sure this is enabled), and then search for "starting". If it does not appear, the agent is not firing at all.

      If it does appear, grap the process ID, then search again for all records against that process ID.


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        Thanks, James. To solve the issue I added a refined action to the agent, which did the trick. All is working properly with no issues. Thank you all for the advise.